Need a blush recommendation

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  1. I currently use the Nars duo of Orgasm and the Laguna bronzer. But I think for the fall and winter I need something not quite so dark, and I would like to experiment outside of the Nars blushes anyway. Nothing with too much sparkle, as this has to be work appropriate. I am fair skinned with dark auburn hair and dark eyes, if that helps!

    I am especially interested in Chanel blushes, so if you have any thoughts on Chanel blush that would be great. But I would also love other suggestions!
  2. What shades were you looking at most? Pinks, peaches, neutrals?
  3. Chanel's Plum attraction is beautiful...but it really depends on your skin tone and what katloummm asked :smile:
  4. I would like something more neutral. Pinks can look too harsh on my skin and sometimes peaches, if too dark, don't really "match." I would like to keep the look natural.
  5. I have a lot of MAC's Mineralize blushes which are very sheer and layerable :tup:
    Gentle and Gleeful are two of my favorites. Gentle is a light raspberry and Gleeful is a tad more coral but both are very subtle.

    I am fair with blue undertones and ruddy cheeks...

    I also really like NARS Douceur. It looks very meh but it's a wonderful neutral-pinky but not too pinky shade with a soft, matte finish. Worth checking out!


    OOps, PS: There are some other neutral, light MAC blushes out there, such as Cubic, The Perfect Cheek and Tenderling. All are very soft and neutral - worth checking out if you are very fair-skinned as I am.
  6. I would also suggest Tenderling it's my HG neutral blush, I'm not too up to date with Chanel blushes, though - I want to be :biggrin: lol
  7. How about Benefit's Dandelion and Georgia?
  8. Ooh! I second these!!! Benetint (a cheek stain) or Thrrrob are good choices too
  9. I am very fair and just discovered TheBalm blush in hot mama. It gives just a enough color without being over done. The great part is it is all natural so it won't clog your pores.
  10. this may not be an ultra light blush, but I really love MAC blush in Notable. It works for everyday and for going out. I'm super pale all year round (except for in the summertime), and it works on pale skin and also super tan skin too.
  11. This may be a stretch, but I also use NARS Laguna/Orgasm, but when I want to change up my blush, I use Tarte Blushing Bride. I love it because you can use one swipe and it's really subtle (even though it looks sort of purple-ish in the container), or you can layer it to make it really red. Doesn't hurt that it smells pretty good too.
  12. I use Funky fresh minerals in pinky, i love it!

    I think it is really subtle, just adds a touch of colour :biggrin:

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  13. ^The blush does look good on you! In fact I love your whole look :smile:

    Deconstruction - If you want to try Chanel, I'd suggest Jouse Contrast in In Love. It looks dark in the pan but is very soft on. Very pretty!
  14. Awww thankyou very much :blush:

    I love using mineral items that are organic and animal derivative free but sometimes worry that they will not work out very well, but this line is very good and i do recommend :tup:
  15. Bobbi Brown nectar and MAC peaches