Need A black shoulder bag!!!

  1. I really need a black leather shoulder bag, can you VETS give me some choices. My budget is 200 I would like a larger bag since im 5"9 .. I was looking at this one from elliott lucca at Nordstrom.
  2. Hi, which Elliot Lucca bag are you referring to? Can you please post a pic or give a link? Also, do you prefer a slouchy or a structured bag?

    What do you think of these three bags?

    Elaine Turner Devon

    15" x 11" x 4"


    Elaine Turner Drake



    Sigrid Olsen Ava 2

    Dimensions: 16" wide across bottom, 13" wide across top x 4" deep x 8 1/2" high.

  3. For $200 I would go to your closest Coach outlet and find a nice bag...
  4. No i have too many coach bags!!!!!! Here is the one from elliott lucca

  5. Well, all I came up with was Coach for your budget..

    The Elliot Lucca looks nice too though. ;)
  6. The Elliott Lucca bag looks lovely! How much is it?
  7. I'll take slouchy or a structured bag, I just need some ideas , I dont really have a good black bag.
  8. 228.... i think its a deal !!!
  9. Thanks!!!! i know 200 is really cuttin it!!!! but i have a lot of coach, i need more designers, I have bulga, and that new MK bag in cherry from Nordstroms from their anniversary sale, but i need a classy looking black bag, I love HH, but i cant find one in my budget.
  10. That Elliot Luca is very nice, and the price is good. You should look in the deals-and-steals section of the forum and see if there is a coupon you can apply to it.
  11. Here are a couple, both less than 200.00 - if I can upload the photos:

    The first one is a furla on bluefly and the second one is a Maxx on
    furla.jpg maxx.jpg
  12. thanks guys!!!! i love all the bags!!!!!! I found an elliott lucca hobo for 138.00 at Shopbop.. have anyone you every bought anything from them????? I want the perfect bag, but im on a budget because i over spent this month on coach bags... and clothes
  13. what do you guys think about this elliott lucca for 82.00 on sale:
  14. ok the elaine turner devon has went on sale for 179.00.. what do you guys think??? anyone have this bag??? is is large enough, how is the leather, im considering on getting it.