Need a Black patent !!! Help!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Few weeks ago, you helped me to choose my first Chanel...
    I've listen all your advices you and found the perfect first Chanel for me : Black Medium Classic Caviar with silver chains:love: !!!
    And I'll never thank you enough : I'm so happy with it !!!!!!!!!!

    Now I 'd love to have a bigger bag in Black Patent
    with silver chains:supacool: !!!

    Maybe a cabas, or baby cabas ...or something else :s ???
    Please feel free to post pics:graucho: ...I'm so new to Chanel:shame:

    PS :I'm only 5.5:rolleyes: ...

  2. how about a black patent ritz? it comes in two sizes and i think you're tall enough to pull off the larger size. i tried on the large size and it looked silly on me, but the ritz is an absolutely gorgeous bag. the shape is great and it comes with silver h/w too.
  3. Thanks Jennifer !!!
    I've checked in the library : I love it.
    So be sure I'll try this bag when I'll go to Cambon Boutique !!!
    Any other sugestions Ladies ???
  4. Black patent diamond shine Ritz. Love mine. I have the smaller size (which is still my largest bag - it's so relative to what you're used to). The big one was just too big for me (I'm 5'5 also).

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  5. Wooow April !!!
    This bag is TDF !!! I'll try it !!!
    I use to carry Balencaiga as city or very roomy ....
    So I think I'd love also try a baby cabas !!!
    Is it available in Black Patent ???
  6. the bag that aprilvalentine referred to is the same as the one i suggested- the black patent ritz....? it's available in the black patent (as per the name) and also a grey distressed leather (nonpatent).
  7. Yes Jennifer, I've noticed and I think you're right I'll try the bigger one !!!
    I need a very huge black patent !!!
    So there is only the Ritz and of course the Coco Cabas Vinyl ????
  8. I saw a girl today wearing a Black Patent Leather Timeless Classic Flap with silver hardware...she told me she bought it in London...Neiman Marcus carries the black 2.55 re-issue for $2395 which is pretty big...what do you think of that one??
  9. Thanks Chanel !!!
    I think this bag could also be great ...Since I already have a classic flap...
    I would like to have something different...
    So, there's only 2 options for a big bag in black Patent :
    the Ritz and the Reissue ????
  10. Ritz is definitely gorgeous!!!!
  11. yes yes Ritz :biggrin:
  12. I absolutely love the Ritz.
  13. I have the black patent Ritz and I absolutely love it! It is distinctively Chanel but a little more edgy than the classic because it is a distressed black patent. Everytime I carry it, I get compliments and people ask about it. If you want it, you better get it quick because I know that it is pretty hard to find. Good luck in your search!
  14. I like the Ritz, but I find it a little too boxy and maybe the large one is a little bit borderline tacky...My only problem with it is that the chains are too hard to maneuver...It is not as sleek and polished as say the Timeless Classic Flap or the Re-Issue...