Need a black leather bag for interviews

  1. I'm going to be interviewing for fellowship positions soon and was looking for a black leather tote that I can carry my resume in along with possibly a change of shoes (walking in heels all day can be tiresome). I'm hoping to spend no more than $400-$500 and am looking for something classic and more conservative.

    Any suggestions??
  2. How about an AC City tote? The black with platinum metal city would be perfect!!

  3. Cole-Haan Aerin Convertible Tote--$450--exactly what you specify. Good luck!
  4. I like Coach for a classic tote in that price range. You could get the Gigi new on eBay in that price range - it retails for $658. Or a Hamptons Carryall for within your price range.
  5. I'm loving this bag. IMHO I think this bag would be a great choice, it's both functional and very stylish.
  6. I think this bag is adorable, but it might be too stylish and casual for an interview. I would go with something more basic. The winter sale at is still going on, there are some nice conservative black bags in your price range, leather and not leather.
  7. I think that MbyMJ bag is super cute! If your lucky you can even catch a Marc Jacobs Blake in black which IMO is the perfect black work tote.
  8. There lots of threads on interview bags already.

    But from a professional standpoint, you are really not supposed to have a bag with you when you go for an interview. It is clumsy and looks very unprofessional. Go to your local Staples or OfficeMax and pick up a $10 portfolio where you can put a few copies of your resume. They usually have little pockets where you can stick your ID and a few dollars if you need to go through security and get a snack. You really shouldn't have anything else with you at an interview. A bag will be awkward when you need to move around alot and shake hands w/ people. You don't want to always be fumbling with it. It gives a bad impression.

    Thats just my personal opinion. Take it for what it is. Also google "interview dress code" or something and that should help you out.
  9. ^^ I was going to say the same - but from a different perspective. How much use would you get from it afterwards? Do you really want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a bag which is just for interviews?

    I used a porfolio for papers - and just got a small leather bag from eBay (I found that DKNY purses go for really cheap - and fit the purpose) . I probably wouldn't use it for anything other than interviews - but it is completely timeless - and staid and boring. I also like that it had been broken in a bit.
  10. I don't agree with this at all. You may be speaking from the perspective of somebody who is familiar with a particular field of work, however, there are many professions where carrying a bag is absolutely necessary. Some of these occupations include, interior designers,artists with extensive portfolios,wedding planners,architects, etc.
  11. ^^ I agree, if your working the creative field you need to have a bag of some sort. I don't think it'll hurt your chances of getting a job just because your carrying a bag either. I have a leather portfolio that I carry inside of my bag when I use to go on interviews and took that out to take notes, etc.
  12. Have you tried Banana Republic already? I love their bags, they're so practical and great for work! Plus they're priced well below what you're willing to spend. and you can get a lot of use even after the interview. I especially like these:

    Sutton Shoulder Bag

    Flatiron Triangle Satchel