Need a black eyeliner for lower lashline that does not smudge!!

  1. I saw another thread on just "stay put" eyeliner, but I have already tried some of that stuff. My eyes water, especially in the outer corners, and my eyeliner in the outer corners is either gone or smudged within a few hours of application. I feel like I have tried everything. The last thing I used was Dior's waterproof pencil. The SA promised me it was the only thing on the planet that would saty on.....WRONG, it totally smudged, once again in those pesky outer corners. The girl at the MAC counter told me I just should not wear eyeliner.....because there is nothing that works WTF???? There has got to be something, help girls!
  2. Lancomd waterproof kohls or MAC new kohl pencils, they are designed to be use on waterline safely.
  3. I use smashbox cream eyeliner or smashbox jetset. Jetset is specifically designed for the inner rim of your lower lid. Neither smudges on me. HTH!
  4. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner stays put until you remove it. I love this stuff!
  5. I second this. This is the only one that I have tried that does not smudge.
  6. I will have to get this at Nordies today, thanks girls!
  7. Another vote for Bobby Brown gel, I have the same problem and this is the solution!
  8. Bobbi Brown, Smashbox Jet Set, or a dark Bobbi Brown shadow applied with her liner brush dampened slightly with water (I dip just the very tip of the brush into a single drop of water and remove as soon as it touches).
  9. The Bobby Brown gel-pot works very well and I have yet to try it but I hear the MAC ones work wonders too. HOWEVER! I must say that the SA could be right when she said that nothing will work. The thing is, these pencils are waterproof but the reason why they keep smudging may be because your oil glands around your eyes are secreting too much, KWIM? If the gel-pot and MAC pencils don't work then maybe you just aren't suited for lining the bottom lid. Sometimes, a bit of mascara or a liner brush dipped into powder works too.

    Another trick to try is to use the gel-pot/ pencil and add another layer of eye shadow on top to help it stay. It doesn't always work but it does help. Good luck!
  10. REALLY? i have this and when i use it on my lower lashline it ALWAYS smudges!!
  11. Well holy cow! So far I have had on the BB liner and Dior blackout mascara for seven hours now, went in the rain, went and saw my horse at the barn for a few hours and WOW it has not budged at all! Tomorrow I shall take it with me to the treadmill for a sweatfest!
  12. Hmmmmmm. (the naughty consumer wheels in my brain are turning... must, go, buy this eyeliner I don't need more of!) Glad to hear it worked out for you. :yes:
  13. Chanel and Bobbi Brown make the best eyeliner :tup:
  14. I like the Clarins Waterproof eye pencils it is the only thing I have found that works for me, but I will have to try and find the Bobbi Brown brand and give it a go.
  15. ITA on the Bobbi Brown Gel. The little pot lasts forever