Need a black bag!

  1. Hi.

    I'm looking to buy a black bag. I have every color but black. I don't know why.
    I don't want anything small or too oversized where my arm falls off. I've been looking and haven't found anything that appeals to me yet.

    I don't want any monograms/logos just quality leather. I like my bags to be classic and timeless.

    Any suggestions??

  2. These are my two favorite black bags

    Jenny Yuen Gatsby
    and Marc Jacobs Venetia
    CIMG4968.JPG CIMG4970.JPG
  3. I'm selling my Botkier Bryant hobo if you're interested. The leather is gorgeous...the smell...divine!

    Here are some pics...



  4. Hey Gung its funny that you mention jenny yuen at one point I was considering the gatsby in sapphire and the sherlock black and for some reason I forgot about it. Maybe I should look back into it.

    The gatsby is a cute simple style but for some reason I was really digging that lush blue color.

    What do you think about the Sherlock?
  5. hey contessa,

    The botkier looks pretty simple and not over the top. Do you have a link and are there addtl. pics?

  6. I LOVE THIS, what a cute bag!!!
  7. If anyone's interested, PM me. :smile:
  8. What about an LV bag in epi line? lockit, speedy, alma... in black epi are just fabulous!!!
  9. Hey lilou you are right!

    I never would have thought of LV because I am SO turned off by their monogram purses I forgot that they had leather ones lol!

    Which one do you have?

    I'm never really was a fan of the speedy but it looks completely different in black and the segur mm isn't bad either but it looks kind of plain jane. Maybe in person it might be more breathtaking.

    Does anyone have any in the epi line? How are they?

    Keep the suggestions coming!!
    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg