Need a BBag for Mom: Pros & Cons of the Day + Color Suggestions

  1. Hey GalPals!

    I need your help in choosing a bbag for my Mom. She recently fell madly in love with my bleu glacier waller (so I sold it to my Dad to give her for her bday).

    But I want to get her a bbag for Christmas - and knowing how the bleus tend to sell out I figure I should start shopping now :yes:

    I'm thinking that the Day bag would be best for her since she likes a) huge bags, and b) shoulder carriable.

    And she loves blues.

    So the obvious choice would be an Ocean Day.

    Can someone help me with the pros/cons of the Day? I have never had one.

    Also, should I consider a S/S 07 color instead? Something brighter??

    Any comments, suggestions, input very much appreciated! :tup:
  2. I love the Day bag. :tup:I have been buying so many Day bags lately just because it is comfortable to carry and stays fit on your shoulder. You can also fit tons of stuff in it. It is very casual and perfect to carry with you all the time. :yes:I just posted a pic of my Cornflower Day and i think the Day looks fab in any Blue color. :tup:I hope you will find the right one for your mom.:heart:
  3. I saw and she would *adore* both of those colors!!!

    It's a lovely style but just doesn't work for me personally, but it will be so fun hunting one down for her. :yes:
  4. ITA:yes: The Day is super comfortable to carry! I have one in marine GH and I LOVE it. I can definetely recommend marine but if you want something brigther FB or aqua would in my opnion be great as well!
  5. I think FB might be too bright for my Mom, but I could see her using Aqua too, definitely.
  6. hmwe, is GH too blingy for her? I think some Day bags look gorgeous with GH (like Aqua, Cafe and Anthracite).

    I think the day looks really cute in the photos I've seen. Just so you know, if you are looking for a blue that "pops" but isn't too bright Aqua is perfect.
  7. Hhmmm, DH says no GH and he's probably right.

    She's in her mid-50s and doesn't wear a lot of bright stuff but she is starting to fall in love with handbags, so this would be a good outlet for a bright piece. :yes:

    Are there any aqua's left??
  8. ^^Maybe in City/Work styles but I'm not sure about the Day....:shrugs:
  9. I think the Day is a great choice - it's the most comfotable and functional of Bals, and looks great stuffed or empty. I would consider Blue Glacier from the S/S 07 collection for mom, or a Cornflower if you can find one, or Aqua (brightest of the bunch). I have an Ink one and love it, and they pop up from time to time on eBay :yes:

    P.S. If I were getting MY mom a Bbag, Day would be it ;)
  10. hmwe:

    I too think Day would be great.... I'm "slightly" younger than your mom and my only two b-bags are an Aqua part time and a Cafe day... both with Giant hardware. If she prefers a shoulder bag... definately the day - if the "purse" style were still availabe I think that would be another good choice! Aqua IS a gorgeous color that pops with any neutral that she might wear!! I have to say that I DO love the GH .. on the dresses it up just a bit, but is not outlandish (imo)... and I like GH better than tassles.

    Good luck with your search... what a LUCKY mom!!:yes:
  11. Thanks so much!!

    I think she will love the light-weight of a bbag. She currently has a black Miu Miu in a very similar style to the day but it's such thick heavy leather. She also has a whiskey paddy.

    So a nice pop of color in a gorgeous chevre leather will be just the thing!

    But-- which blue?!?! :p

    I saw Becky's new Ocean Day and that looked pretty too.
  12. I think the Ocean will be a great choice and it won't be hard to find either. Have fun shopping!
  13. I've never had a Day but I think your idea sounds really great, Hmwe46!:yes:
  14. I think Ocean would be a perfect choice. I saw this color in person today and it's so beautiful. Plus, the leather on them was stunning.
  15. Awesome!

    Wiggligirl, where did you see the Ocean Day??