Need a Balenciaga!

  1. All of your bag collections have made me desperately NEED a Balenciaga from the motorcycle line (by the way, thanks.. I don't think my mum's going to be too happy;) ). I'm leaning towards a black City. How's that for a first Balenciaga?

    I'll post pics when I [hopefully!] get it. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be until end of March when I go to Paris.
  2. I think a black City would be a great choice for your first bbag! :yes:
  3. I just ordered my first B Bag - a black city too:yes: I wanted something classic for a first one so it goes with everything. If I love it as much as I think I will, then I will start experimenting with colours:wlae:
  4. Well I wouldn't want to persuade you against black, but there are also beautiful colors as well! I love 05 Indigo, and 04 Eggplant (bottom row)for black alternatives! Whatever you choose welcome to the cult, and please share photos!
  5. black b bag is great :yes:
    it's a safer and most classic option.
  6. Black is safe - and very classy. Goes with anything!
  7. definitely go for the black!
  8. Great choice for ya first Bbag!! Be sure to post pics when you get it in March.

    Welcome to a DANGEROUS obsession! ;)
  9. Sounds great for a first b-bag, the black city is just a great classic!
  10. Congrats from now ^_^
    black is the safest color for a 1st purse :smile:
  11. Black city is classy and chic. Great choice for first bbag.
  12. I would go for a colour - although black may be 'easy to match' so are many other bbag colours such as blueberry and marine!
  13. I think black for a first bag is a great choice! :heart:
  14. ^^ I agree, it's the safest choice.
  15. A Black City sounds like a fabulous choice!:yes: