Need a bag for my Treo 750

  1. I just changed phones and I am hunting for a small bag to keep in my purse that can hold my Treo. If it fits credit cards and whatnot, so much the better. But mainly I would like something cute to keep it from getting damaged in my bag. Maybe a wristlet or an LV pouch of some kind? Your thoughts?
  2. i keep my blackberry in my balenciaga coin purse. there's extra room too for cash and credit card.
  3. hello! when im out & about for the nite or something..I use my Damier Trousse bag. It's small & the Treo fits perfectly & you have soem room left for other things too. :smile:
  4. I was just thinking about this, I to have a Treo and need something to keep it in to keep it from getting scratched. I have a case but I don't like it much...
  5. I'm in the same boat as you.. just bought a 650
    I found this on eBay..
    found on ebay...jpg
  6. I had a cute croco Dooney case for mine, but got tired of having to take it in and out of the case when necessary. I found this rubberized, snap case which has a protective flip top screen cover. It comes in all sorts of colors.... Love it...