Need a bag for £100 ($175) - Can you help?


Ulster Lass
Nov 23, 2005
Ok, Im sorry if you are all bored of my 'search' but Im still stuck :worried:

Its my birthday on 11th March and getting money from my sis. So Im going to get my first designer bag with it. Im looking for a bag costing preferably £100 ($175) maybe a lil bit more.

I like bags that I can sling over my shoulder, perferably leather but they tend to be more expensive.. does anyone have any ideas? Oh yeah, and I have to be able to get it sent to UK! :wacko:

Any pics would be great!! :nuts:

Im thinking about JC or coach maybe..

PS. Kiara, thanks for your help! I'll find the perfect bag yet!
I'm DETERMIneD to help you find THAT bag!

I like this one in Khaki-Not Multicolor....the khaki is much more versatile.

Then I like this one in Brown. Its leather and will be a bit more sturdy.

I think this one is amazingly cute! I at first was taken aback at the "straw" but looking at it real close, it is very nice. Im in love with the accents and strap.

Then this classic Shoulderbag, You can get it in signature or leather. I thinks its great.

Any of these peak your intrest?
Aww thanks for helping!!

I didn't see anything I like on those sites :wacko:

I really like my avatar one, only 2 thing. 1/ drawstring opening - not keen on that 2/ brown, its coming into spring and i wont wear much brown.
how much is a little bit more that you are willing to spend? it might allow for greater possibilities...what color? i am going to the mall later with my dig phone camera. i'll see what i can find. we will help you find the bag.
umm I really dont want to spend more but I could spend £130 max!

Not sure what colour, something bright for spring, nothing to plain! :biggrin: oh and I like shoulder ones, not sure if I've mentioned that already :shame:

Thanks, any pics would be great!! :idea:

What do you guys think of this? $218.