NEED a 04' lilac or 05' magenta city!!!!!

  1. im so addictive to bbags now!!!:P
  2. i know what you mean! i have a magenta city and i love it to death! :yes:
  3. Definetely not into the lilac, but heck yeah on the magenta! I have one of those. Its beautiful!!!
  4. I'm not into the 04 lilac either, but God :heart: the Magenta City!

    p.s I NEED a sky blue city too:cool:
  5. there is one 04 lilac city on ebay right now. one closed yesterday with a reserve that wasn't met of $1625.
  6. Are we allowed to say what we are looking for? from what I read this is against the rules.
  7. i'm confused about the rules!
  8. Magenta rocks! :biggrin: :heart:
  9. When you say "need" you really mean "want"? :roflmfao:

    No...I think you mean need ;)