Need 30 cm advice...part two!

  1. hey fellow tpfers...

    a few months ago i posted that my mom was thinking about getting a birkin at some point. i have a 35 cm black epsom with gold HW and she would like to get a 30 cm...we would share the cost.

    my mom says she'll only get ONE birkin and so it's gotta be a classic. she's seen the kelly and though she thinks it's nice, she isn't interested in the style. she likes the ease and comfort of the birkin for carrying stuff around and getting into it easily.

    initially we thought gold would be a nice second bag. but mom was debating getting a black 30 cm with GH probably in togo since it's lower maintenance and it's a total classic... and again she only wants one birkin and the 35 is too big for her.

    the issue it weird for her to get a 30 cm black birkin with GH if i have a 35 cm black birkin with GH? she said she'd consider gold but i'd hate for her not to be happy with her bag since they do cost quite a bit.

    any thoughts, advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I don't think the specs of your bag should influence what your mother gets. If she wants black with gold then that's exactly what she should get. The fact that you will have the same color and hardware... well, you are mother/daughter.... nothing weird about that.
  3. sorry, i'll try to clarify a bit more: i told her that i would help her get whatever color she wants to get, but i think that she's hesitant to get the same one as me because, as she put it, i'll end up with the bag one day and she thinks it's a little odd for me to end up with both bags that are almost the same. i told her that it wouldn't matter so much because i'm not going to be using the two bags at the same time...
  4. ^^True, and there are so many times one needs a smaller black bag...
  5. I agree with what Rose can't have too much of a good thing!

    I am ALWAYS looking at vert anis, even though I already own enough of the colour...and ANYTHING in Natural Chamonix is a consideration for me as well...and I own several pieces in this, too.
  6. You DO?!?!?!?!?! Have you been holding out on us??????

    I see your point Pigleto, being the Mother that I am. On one hand I'd want my OWN fabby Birkin and if that meant it was the same as my daughters, well, so be it. And on the other hand I'd like to leave her something a little different.

    And then I think, "What the Hell! If I want a bloody black Birkin with Gold I should HAVE a black Birkin with gold and when I die, who cares what I leave my kids at least I'll enjoy my freaking black bag with gold!!!!"

    So......I think Mom should buy the bag she would love to have because after all, life is too short to do anything else! :yes:
  7. I hope ur mom gets the bag she really wants-her one and only should be her dream bag!!
    besides,how cute will it be when u two go out shopping with ur black Birkins!!
  8. I have a black 30 birkin and use it alot, however, I could use a little more room at times and would definitely consider getting the exact same bag in the 35cm - though perhaps with different hardware.

    So I don't think you should be too disturbed if your mother were to also go with the black.
  9. piglet, No, it's not weird at all. :smile: If your Mom is only
    going to have one Hermes bag in her life it should
    definitely be her dream bag.
  10. Agreed!
  11. She should definitely get the bag that SHE wants and enjoy carrying her which will hopefully be many, many, many years to come!
  12. I have a daughter in her 20s. I used to take all kinds of time when I bought jewelry or bags thinking: I wonder if J will like this or use this someday?

    Now, I see that J has her own ideas of what she likes and if someday she likes or can enjoy or use what I had, then, great. But, for now, I'm buying for my own use.
  13. thanks for your advice ladies :smile:

    you're right, if mom really wants a black birkin with GH, so be it. :biggrin: i even joked with her that if she gets one, maybe my dad will think i let her borrow mine...she blinked and said "he's not THAT clueless, dear" :smile:

    i told her we should go for the black with GH since that's what she really wants. she said maybe gold with gold...then she said with a wink, let's wait and see what comes first, let destiny decide :biggrin:

    my mom is a hoot!