NEDA by Bebe Shoes - Higher end & better quality??

  1. My friend in CA was telling me the other night about this new Bebe concept store that opened in SF called NEDA and it's the higher end store of Bebe. They only opened one store to test the waters I guess. She said they only carry accessories and shoes are Italian made. The store looks very upscale which is what the whole concept was about: affordable luxury (higher than Charles David/Stuart Wietzman but lower than Prada). Anyway, shoes are between $200-$500..

    I think I'm liking this ankle boots w/ distressed Italian leather, what do you girls think? Anybody seen this or the other shoes in person?
  2. Here are the ankle boots, I couldn't attach it to the first post for some reason...
  3. Hmm... I'm not sure how I feel about them. Are there any other pictures of the shoes in different views?

    *Does NEDA have a website, where did you get this pic from?
  4. off topic but I find it quite hilarious that when I google NEDA the first link is the National Eating Disorders Association
  5. That is so funny! Mine was National Economic Development Authority... hehe! Anyway, I'm not even sure if this is till online as I think it used to be in the same website as Bebe (like Collection Bebe) but it doesn't pull up anything...

    Anyway, here are more photos from eBay...

    Here is the link from Bebe:
    bebe1.JPG bebe2.JPG bebe3.JPG
  6. those shoes look cute
  7. These look cute but I feel like Ive seen this style before for a better price on a shoe website... maybe it was Zappos? I don't know, but IMO think you could find something better.