necklaces... need help

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  1. heellloooo everybody, i need your help. could you please recommend me some nice necklace to go with a cocktail dress, not expensive but stylish I'm quite new to this , please give some links.
  2. Would you post a photo of your cocktail dress, so we know what to suggest?
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    My cocktail dress

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  4. I might just go with some statement earrings as not to detract from the beading under the bust.
    Or a thin gold chain that sits right at your collar bones... like a diamond by the yard...
  5. ^I agree, I would go VERY understated :yes:
  6. I would just wear earrings so you don't detract from the beautiful detailing under the bust! I would love to see dangling earrings, as opposed to button earrings. JMO
  7. What a beautiful dress....

    If you really feel you must wear a necklace, maybe a very small plain drop pendant? But honestly, you don't need anything on your neck area - you look naturally totally fab in that dress as it is and you can't improve on perfection.

    The only jewellery I'd be looking at would be either earrings OR a bracelet.
  8. Just earrings! Let that beautiful neckline speak for itself!
  9. a sparkly chandelier earrings will compliment your gown
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    delete this post pls
  11. I agree. Just earrings. Fab dress!
  12. Totally agree.
  13. I agree with the above suggestions, just a nice pair of earrings will be more than enough...