Necklace Dilemma

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  1. Well yesterday I bought the Dior Trotter Romantic Medium Necklace which is the same as the one from eLuxury but in silver instead. I really like it - but when i got home i started having second thoughts abt it bcoz i'm not a big fan of the rather chunky chain and i don't know if it can be worn casually without standing out too much?

    What do you guys think?
  2. I love that necklace but then I like my bling...casual means different clothes for different people, can you give me an example of what is your casual wear...sorry typing on a strange keyboard cant find question mark...uuugh
  3. casual as in t-shirt jeans?
  4. my computer is driving me i cant really find more at the moment but here are two suggestions of casual where i think it could sports shoes with it though ;)
    jbiel.jpg jennifer-aniston-daftbird.jpg
  5. I think it could definitely work, especially since you got the silver version instead of the pink. It's actually one of the more popular costume jewellery lines from Dior.
  6. could you post a pic, cause i cant find it :sad: