Necklace chains?

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  1. I tried on a platinum chain at the NYC store, and it struck me as very thin.

    Does Tiffany make a thicker chain (for using with one of their pendants) in platinum, silver, or white gold?

    Also, are they able to make the chain clasps larger?

  2. I don't own any regular Tiffany silver chain so I can't comment. The silver DBTY is thicker. I own many Tiffany pendants in YG and platinum in regular or lobster clasps. I have not had any problem so far.
  3. Thanks! :smile:

    Do you know if Tiffany would put a lobster clasp on one of their chains, if requested? Does it cost extra?
  4. I am sure they can do it but there maybe a charge. If you are spending a lot on a diamond pendant, ask your SA to waive it.

  5. Yes they will do that. I've never been charged for it.