1. [​IMG]Does nayone know how much theis CHANEL necklace/belt is? This picture was taken off of ebay, but I've seen it on there official website once too. Thanks:crybaby:
  2. i think it is a knock off of the the coco over the moon belt....these knock offs are ALL over ebay. The real one is similiar but has little coco chanel herself sitting on top of hte little "moons' and the belt has a bit more going on.

  3. Did you look through the Accessories thread in the Reference Library? I *think* someone posted theirs in there. If not, do a search.
  4. I have the exact same necklace but it all in white pearls and the CC charms has black enamel color on one side and all silver on one side. This is the necklace version and it's similiar to coco over moon belt but it's not coco over the moon belt. It look real to me but the retail is around $600. The coco over the moon belt is very expensive in $2K. I bought mine from the boutique.