Neck issues relatively! Help!

Jan 15, 2011
This is super hard for me to talk about let alone ask for help.....So I recently turned 40. Everything seems in place :P however I have a shattered vertebra and slipped discs from being hit by a drunk driver... which causes me terrible neck pain. I have had a LOT of PT and bodywork in the area for this pain, and like they say with anything - you manipulate it too much, it loses elasticity.
I now have crepey neck and some roughness of the skin particularly on the injury side. Docs say it's from so much chiropractic and bodywork. Dermatologist says nothing I can do that is non-invasive - Thermage doesn't really work. Botox works on cords but this is a skin tightness/texture issue that Botox doesn't touch.

This is the one issue that really upsets me. I am unable to look at my neck in a mirror without wanting to cry. The skin texture is like I am 70-years-old and I am not ready for that.

How does a neck lift work? Is this what I need? Can I even do that when I still require Rolfing, massage, acupuncture in the area all the time?

Please help :flowers;


Aug 12, 2012
Fort Worth , Tx
I don't know much about neck lifts but I know it must be pretty common because while watching real housewives of New Jersey I remember a housewife (siggy maybe?) & maybe another commenting how they had a neck lift. I'm 39 & I've had lots of back problems & chiropractic care. Are you sure that's what caused it? 40 is not old at all & you deserve to feel happy & confident.

First thing I'd do is make sure your not smoking, keep hydrated (it really makes a difference) use good skincare not only on your face but also neck, use sunscreen, eat healthy & keep your weight consistent. I'm also a big believer in red light therapy. Baby quasar or DPL it actually works to improve skin texture, tone & fine lines, however it won't lift sagging skin. You may already do those things so having said that...

I'm not sure how severe your neck is but your first option would be visiting a med spa with good reviews. You could have some laser work done that would greatly improve skin texture & provide some lifting. I think you could see a good improvement but usually you need many treatments to get results. That really adds up. You could spend thousands in lasers & med spa treatments with only some improvement. So honestly I'd consult with surgeons & just go for the lift. You can always get peels or light laser work to smooth skin texture later. Make an account on research & read every neck lift story. Ask questions. Look at surgeons. Find pictures. Find 2-3 cosmetic surgeons (not dermatologist actual plastic surgeons) & get consults. Finance it, open care credit, save save save, max your credit card, sell stuff if you have to because your happiness is worth it!

I just recently had a very aggressive breast lift (anchor scar) 8 days ago. We'll sort of a breast lift, reduction, implant exchange call it whatever. I needed a lift 8 years ago but I was scared & long story short I went the cheaper easier way & had a very large implant put in to fill & lift. BIG MISTAKE. Within a few years my breasts were stretched horribly & ruined. My point is although spending the 10k to fix the problem for good made me want to throw up it was the best decision I ever made. Already just feeling all that loose hanging skin gone is exhilarating. Life feels new. I will have a scar, I hope it's not bad but at this point I really don't care. So just do tons of research & find a way to make your surgery happen! You deserve to be happy & proud of yourself!

While your waiting or saving can you camouflage your problem areas with a scarf?
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