Neck Bows: Can You Do It ?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. How About Cropped Vests ?

  3. . cropped vests is a maybe:yes:
  4. cropped vest are too cute. IMO, the bow looks cute on Kelly O.
  5. I don't care for the neck bows or the cropped vests.
  6. I have seen neck bows cropping up everywhere in the last few weeks. It is all about what you wear them with. Pop one on with a killer tight pencil skirt and a little fitted jacket and it look completely cool. Wear it with something wrong, such as a loose pant or a flared skirt and you WILL look like Margaret Thatcher!

    Waistcoats, just been done to death IMO, so not so keen on this style.
  7. i think neck bows can be cute with the right outfit, although they don't work so well on me.....but cropped vests i love and wear :wlae:
  8. Neckbows IMO are going to be quite hot for the fall season, we saw them on all the catwals from YSL to Fendi!
    I think you just have to be careful how you wear them, never wear the with long hair down as its all about the neck and never over acsessorize, the bow is enough detail, you dont need huge earings, and necklaces are a big no!
  9. I love neck bows. I want to wear a simple white shirt with a large bow tied off kilter at the neck and a plaid tie tied underneath. This I'd pair with a denim pencil skirt, tan belt and fuschia croc shoes....

    Don't know if it's a little too much for business school though.... (I think it is! :sad:)
  10. By the way, I love Zooey!
  11. Oh's the 80s all over again!
  12. Neckbows: yes, easy à la Chanel (except I'm going jump when I get sent the binder book/catalogue and price list *shivers*)


    Cropped vest: never tried, never will: too 'Sienna Miller/Kate Moss', 'boho chic.'
  13. ^
    I have to say in that photo the neck bow is gorgeous! Very chic! But for me, well, I couldn't pull it off.
  14. [​IMG]

    Gorgeous! Going to have to check that out in the stores....
  15. I love the vest but haven't tried the neck bows yet. I haven't decided on neck bows-they can look cute and ugly.