NebraskaFan's Collection

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been viewing all the great posts for awhile and decided to share my collection with you. I started collecting Coach about four years ago and have amassed quite a collection. My husband just shakes his head! :tup:
    174878259206_0_SM.jpg 175098259206_0_SM.jpg 252678259206_0_SM.jpg 254878259206_0_SM.jpg 502009259206_0_SM.jpg
  2. More pics!
    565678259206_0_SM.jpg 587668259206_0_SM.jpg 689209259206_0_SM.jpg 695988259206_0_SM.jpg 711298259206_0_SM.jpg
  3. And more...
    740788259206_0_SM.jpg 745678259206_0_SM.jpg 805098259206_0_SM.jpg 885009259206_0_SM.jpg 925988259206_0_SM.jpg
  4. last one!!! (for now)
  5. I think your collection is beautiful! But you already knew that! Glad you finally decided to post something! Welcome to tPF!!!! Can't wait to go shopping some more!
  6. Oops...just noticed those pics are REALLY small! Here are some hopefully better ones to view!
    866309259206_0_ALB.jpg 502009259206_0_ALB.jpg 689209259206_0_ALB.jpg 175098259206_0_ALB.jpg 885009259206_0_ALB.jpg
  7. And again....
    711298259206_0_ALB.jpg 740788259206_0_ALB.jpg 929288259206_0_ALB.jpg 565678259206_0_ALB.jpg 925988259206_0_ALB.jpg
  8. And Again....
    174878259206_0_ALB.jpg 805098259206_0_ALB.jpg 587668259206_0_ALB.jpg 252678259206_0_ALB.jpg 745678259206_0_ALB.jpg
  9. And Finally...
  10. Love your pond and whiskey ali
  11. You have such a variety of styles & colors. They're great!
  12. Great collection!!
  13. What a beautiful collection!
  14. What's the name/number/price of the scarf print tote and the khaki tote with the pink trim?


    Great collection!
  15. Your lime slice coin purse and heart key chain are adorable! Nice collection!