Neatsfoot oil for lv vachetta?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents! Hope you're all doing well :smile:

    I need your opinion on whether its safe to use "Neatsfoot oil" for my brandnew vachetta? I bought 2 new bags both DA print & I don't like the new fresh vachetta look.. So my Qs are

    Q. Would I damage my bag?
    Q. How unlikely will I have uneven patina?

    Thanks in advance!!! ;)
  2. you might, I'd be very very carefull with it
  3. Did you ever try out the neatsfoot oil? I'm curious to see the before/after pictures and hear about your personal results. I did olive oil on my very first speedy and wasn't happy with the results - the patina looked nice and was even, but I was never able to get that gorgeous *shine* that usually comes with age and proper care.
  4. Vachetta has a tendency to absorb anything, especially if it's brand new. Couple that with neatsfoot oil streaking leather unless you totally coat it, and you have a recipe for very dark leather on your brand new bag (which I think you might be going for). My suggestion if you're still thinking about it...Take a Q-tip, dip it in the oil, and ever so slightly test a small portion of leather in some inconspicuous spot and try to spread it around. You'll be able to see just how much time you have to work with and how much oil you'll need to get the look. Good luck!
  5. I would never use neatsfoot oil on a bag...ever. I use it on my bridles and leather halters to initially soften and darken the leathers...the leathers are treated leathers, not virgin leather as the vachetta is. Even on treated leather on my bridles and reins, the results are never predictable and can get very streaked, which then takes many treatments to fix. On a $100 bridle, I am very apprehensive when using it. Never would I take the chance with a $1000 bag.