Neat way to shortening the Evelyne strap (without cutting)

  1. A sweet, wonderful H salesperson at the Chicago H store taught me a neat way to "shorten" the Evelyne strap so that you can carry the Evelyne as a shoulder bag (pardon me if this has been discussed here).

    Basically, fold the strap lengthwise in half so on one end has both hooks, and the other end is the "fold".

    Both hooks should hook onto the loop on one side. For the other side, pull a scarf through the "fold" and tie it to the hook on the other side. (Sorry if this explanation is not clear, hopefully the photos better illustrate what I am trying to explain)

    By "shortening" the strap, I can carry the Evelyne as a more formal purse to work!!

  2. Gorgeous Evelyne Tokyogirl! Looks great!:tup:
  3. what a great idea! it looks fantastic!
  4. Thanks crochetbella!
  5. hlfinn, thanks! However, the credit must go to the awesome Hermes Chicago SA!
  6. Wow! What a great idea!
  7. Looks great! Thanks so much for the picture!

    For variety here is another way but some people may worry about hurting their scarf but I think it would be OK.

  8. Thanks for sharing this idea! I like how you can have both long and short strap options.
  9. Looking good TG! The Evelyne looks fantastic on you. Great ideas TG and KG for shortening the strap!
  10. orchids- thanks! It's become an alternative to the Lindy for those times I need a shoulder bag!

    ninja sue -- you should definitely try it!
  11. Tokyo thats the only way I have been wearing my evelyne, I am a shorty!! Yours looks wonderful!! Thanks for sharing
  12. That is a really great idea! I was actually planning on having my strap cut a bit shorter, but I might try this prior to bringing the bag in for a "trim". Thanks for sharing!!
  13. Oh, don't shorten your Evelyne strap!!! I think it'll really negatively affect re-sale if you should decide to sell in the future. The messenger-length strap is what I love about it. I can sling it on and be hands free while shopping. It's sooo wonderful. :heart:

    I haven't even gone out with it shortened with a scarf, etc. but it's nice to know that the option exists.

    Idea: If you really want a shorter strap, I suggest ordering a shorter one, while still keeping the original one as is!:tup:
  14. TG, great investigation, thanks for the tip. The Evelyn looks quite different that way and btw looks really fab on u.
  15. cynthia, ebruo, minnie -- thanks!!

    minnie -- I am also a total shorty! I love how this shortened style makes the Evelyne a bit more proportional to my height.

    cynthia -- yes, I also agree that you should try the alternative styles, before shortening the strap.