Neat lil trip to Hermes today!

  1. There is nothing quite like a trip to Hermes to brighten a beaten-down-by-end-of-semester-work students' day! :p

    SO shipped me off to the store today to purchase a treat for myself :heart: At the same time, I wanted to try on a few more bags and try to settle what I would like in terms of my first bag (because, in case you might have read a few of my other back-and-forth posts, I've been struggling with a decision!)

    I think after a while I succumbed to the popularity of the Birkin. My sister kept nagging me, saying "why would you get anything else?" (she isn't an Hermes shopper). But I was just never as fond of the design as most are, I believe. I finally decided I'd try one on one more time today and that would decide whether or not I could pull off the Birkin. I can't :huh: I tried one on and it just doesn't work (a 35cm black one today). I've tried both 30cm and 35cm, and the only one that looks even remotely decent is the 25cm (which is too tiny for regular wear). I think I chalk it up to the fact that my style isn't casual enough. All I ever wear are skirts :s Sure I'd love to have one, most girls would love to have *the* bag! But I won't wear what I can't pull off :shrugs: Maybe one day my style will be more accepting of one. Besides, Hermes has other gorgeous bags!


    I finally tried on a 32cm Kelly today! And I loved it! It was adorable, it looked pretty cute on, and I really liked it. The Kelly and Bolide are tied right now with me. I have those two to think about up until July. I wish they made a 30cm-31cm Kelly, because I felt like the 32cm may have just been a smidgen to large for me, but I would be happy with it. So far, though, the Bolide is still staying on my mind, as every time I try it on, it just seems to work.

    I fell in love with a Braise croc bearn today, geez it's gorgeous! But it isn't time for croc yet, or I'll have nothing left to look forward to when I'm 30+! Though orange Lizard is looking sooo nice to me right now, in terms of a wallet come fall.

    Jason was such a sweetheart to pull out so many lovelies for me to see! I finally decided on a lovely piece of Rose Shocking to tide me over until I get my bag :graucho:

    Pics of my new GM Diary Cover in Mysore Chevre attached! :biggrin: Yes, I do buy a lot of writing books, but I'm an English major, I am constantly writing, scribbling notes, and making lists, so I like having variety! Hence the two notebook pieces inside this cover, heh. I think their agendas/writing books are my worst weakness.

    Sorry I had to take them quickly before my batteries died, so they aren't perfect, hehe.

    OOOH and guess who was in South Park today, for my Charlotte girls! Renee Zellweger! Very cool because it's Charlotte, and we don't seem to get celebs too often. I hope she stopped off to see the lovely SA's at Hermes after I left!

    I'll post a Charlotte inventory update and some pricings in the appropriate sections in just a lil bit!
    gmdiary1.jpg gmdiary2.jpg
  2. Congratulations, Neeya. Haven't seen you in awhile!

    That's a very charming Rose Shocking diary cover! Use it in good health!
  3. oh neeya, i bet the kelly looks perfect on you! get the bag that your heart desires and even they say that THE birkin is the "it" bag, it surely doesn't look right if you don't feel good carrying it.

    your diary is a darling, makes me want to get one too!
  4. mrssparkles: I know, I'm at the end of my semester with 18 pages worth of incomplete papers due Monday and exams starting Tuesday :crybaby:This is that evil time of the year when I can do little more than work all day! But I try to stay on tPF, I miss talking to everyone (and seeing beautiful goodies :graucho:) Thank you guys! ^_^
  5. Congrats!!! :yahoo: How fun!
  6. That's so pretty Neeya.. nothing like rose shocking to brighten your day!
  7. Neeya, your diary is just lovely. I was just thinking today how I may need to downsize my diary to a smaller one---the Rose Shocking in Chevre is just so gorgeous.
  8. Congratulations!!!! What an excellent trip to Hermes!
  9. I, along with everyone else on tPF, think of you whenever we hear or see Rose Shocking. Congrats... she's a beauty!
  10. Neeya, the Bolide and Kelly are my 2 fave H bags!
  11. Oh, it's truly gorgeous!!! Congratulations!
  12. congrats on the new purchase, it's lovely :smile:

    jason is a sweetie :smile:

    well, i'm glad that even though the birkin isn't for you, you're not falling for the hype, the "it bag" status. it's too much money to shell out for something you are not sure about. i say kelly all the way! :smile: that turquoise one is LOVELY!

    and renee zellweger..more details please! wonder if there's a movie filming in charlotte. and i almost made it to the mall today! wah!
  13. pigleto, I believe there is, and I think it has George Clooney in it also, because my Mom has heard reports of him showing up all over Charlotte recently!
  14. Neeya!

    Congrats on the new agenda!

    I must say that finding a RS Kelly may be a bit easier than the Birkin!

    Did you like the Sellier or the Retourne style?

    I find that tthe sizes "look" larger or smaller depending on that....

    I firmly agree with you that you should only purchase a Birkin when the time is right for you to feel comfortable to carry one...good for you for being so dicriminating in your 20s!!!
  15. That is so pretty, congrats!!