Nearly Pay-Day Non-Payers ?

  1. Is it just me, or has any one else had probs waiting for payment on listings ended 7-10 days before the end of a month (pay day in other words) ?
    My listings ask for payment within 3 days of winning bid, but, to contact me if that's a problem & I'll extend payment time (long as I know it's on the way, that's fine).
    I'm currently sitting with over £200 of unpaid items (ok so it's only been 3-5 days), invoices have been sent, not one of the buyers has been in touch.
    I don't like to "harass" my buyers by bombarding them with emails, but it's sooooo frustrating.
    Thanks folks, rant over, can get on with chores now !! xH
  2. I hear ya!

    It is frustrating.
  3. My understanding is buyers have 4 days to pay... if one files a NPB my understanding

    is they have another 4 days...

    It seems that the only way to get paid promptly is with a BIN where you are

    set up to be paid promptly.. go figure..
  4. I never, ever wait to pay. If I buy something, I'm eager to get it so I assume the quicker I pay, the faster I'll get my bag.
  5. I send an invoice that says "Payment is due within 72 hours of auction end or item(s) will be relisted" every single day that I don't get a payment. If they contact me and explain, that's absolutely fine and I'm completely willing to wait for payment. However, if I don't hear from them at all, I open a case against them for non payment on day 4.

    It bugs the sh!t out of me when people sit and wait for an auction to end and they continually bid bid bid. And then they don't pay. If you have the time to sit there until the end of the auction, you have time to pay me. If you don't have the money within the allotted amount of time, you shouldn't have freaking bid!
  6. ^ this is an old story... buy, buy, buy and pay whenever the moment

    is right for you the buyer... not thinking about the seller or getting the

    money that you owe for the item...
  7. There are only two times that I don't pay immediately: I set my highest bid early because I have to go to sleep, in which case if I win, I pay when I wake up; or I'm on a public network and don't want to log in to PayPal, in which case I send a quick note to the seller to let them know I'll pay as soon as I'm home that day.

    IMO, if you need more than the allotted time to pay - which can be fine - you should ask the seller before you bid.
  8. FYI there is a glitch happening where eBay doesn't send out the reminder that you won the item. It recently happened to me and I didn't know I had won until I got a payment reminder from the seller
  9. No!! It irritates me too. I'm glad there are some who say do you mind if I pay you in a few days but there are some (there's one eBay ID I am dying to mention) who just ignore your attempts to get them to pay and eBay doesn't do anything about it except remove a rating from their feedback!! Oooh, I bet they're really scared! :rtr:
  10. I try to pay immediately after I win an auction, but sometimes I'll win something and pay for it in a day or two, when I'm more flush (after I get paid or receive payment for an item I sold). I always respond to the first invoice from the seller and let them know when I'm planning to pay (always, of course, within the 4 days Ebay allows buyers post-sale), or I pay immediately (barring the two scenarios Iris described further up in this thread). I don't mind when buyers do this when they win my items, though sometimes it does throw off my post-office trips :pout:- as long as they pay within 4 days, I'm cool with it, though I REALLY appreciate communication about when I can expect the payment.
  11. I usually pay the next day. I usually tell the seller about my expectations for the shipping. I don't know why but shipping has been ridiculous for things that aren't heavy and that are near me. My bag better be here in 4 days especially since I paid 15$ for it to be shipped and they are not far from me.

    I decided not to buy another bag because the seller was charging 15$ and I lived in the same city. I dunno if it's ebay's fault, but I wish they had the area code shipping calculator. I could understand adding a extra few ounces just in case it was off by a bit.
  12. I've seen packages that weigh 4 ounces that the sellers want $15 to $30 to ship, and they are small items. It's really going back to when the postage was more than the item, and ebay brought in the policy of charging a % of shipping. Some sellers are outrageous.

    ETA: I'm one who pays right when I win/buy unless I'm not home or asleep, in which case I pay when I'm next at the computer the next day. If I know I'm bidding on something, I will check to see if I won and need to pay.