Nearly lost wallet!!!!


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Sep 13, 2005
So I have to tell you all the DUMBEST thing I did tonight! I was in a rush to get dinner and make it back home in time for America's Next Top Model and the finale on Project Runway. So I drove to a Chiptole (it's a burrito place) ran inside to get my food and then hopped in my car and sped home! I swear I must need to get my brain looked at, because I heard something hit the ground when I was getting in my car but paid no attention to it. So I finally get home and am getting out of the car and realize I have my keys, my cell, my food, my water... where the HECK is my wallet?!?!?! Not even a small wallet... the large Dior wallet Vlad got me for x-mas!!!

So yea, that noise I heard of something hitting the ground outside Chipotle WAS my wallet. I rushed back and my wallet was STILL on the groun untouched- all the money and cards still in there?!?! No one found it or stole?!?! Wow I nearly flipped out though. I would hate to have to cancel everything, get new cards for insureance etc, and get a new wallet!!!

Just another reason why we should all slow down from time to time! :idea:
just hafta say i love chipotle........and how incredible it is that nobody stole your beautiful designer wallet/money/cc's..........ur guardian angel must've been guarding over that wallet like a hawk
OMG Megs! I lost my wallet 2 wks ago. I just got it back in the mail yesterday after I filed a police report etc! So glad you found it quickly! I had to get a new ID and everything.
OMGosh! Thank goodness megs! Nothing like a little jumpstart to get your heart beating! SO glad the story ended well!

Megs said:
So I drove to a Chiptole (it's a burrito place) :idea:
So, what'd you get?:biggrin:
I always get a burrito bowl w/ barbacoa! I eat there every week! HMMMMMMMMM!
wow, i could imagine your heart racing, because mine certainly was! glad you got it back that is a close call. my bf has his wallet chained to him at all times. says he has never lost his wallet in 15 years.
That's such a scary feeling, I left my purse outside of a Starbucks awhile back, but luckily a nice lady turned it into them. Everything intact. I would have been in the U.S. with nothing, I was visiting at that point.
I was getting so ticked off driving back to find it... I got a red light and i screamed, a car turned to slow and I screamed!!! I can't beleive it was just sitting on the ground peacefully. And different cars pulled up since I left, and none of them touched it or took anything?!?!
I'm gonna go with nobody noticed! Because I figure if they did, maybe they would be nice and give it to the restaurant!

Either way I am lucky as anything!