Nearly lost wallet!!!!

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  1. So I have to tell you all the DUMBEST thing I did tonight! I was in a rush to get dinner and make it back home in time for America's Next Top Model and the finale on Project Runway. So I drove to a Chiptole (it's a burrito place) ran inside to get my food and then hopped in my car and sped home! I swear I must need to get my brain looked at, because I heard something hit the ground when I was getting in my car but paid no attention to it. So I finally get home and am getting out of the car and realize I have my keys, my cell, my food, my water... where the HECK is my wallet?!?!?! Not even a small wallet... the large Dior wallet Vlad got me for x-mas!!!

    So yea, that noise I heard of something hitting the ground outside Chipotle WAS my wallet. I rushed back and my wallet was STILL on the groun untouched- all the money and cards still in there?!?! No one found it or stole?!?! Wow I nearly flipped out though. I would hate to have to cancel everything, get new cards for insureance etc, and get a new wallet!!!

    Just another reason why we should all slow down from time to time! :idea:
  2. phew. that was close.
  3. just hafta say i love chipotle........and how incredible it is that nobody stole your beautiful designer wallet/money/cc's..........ur guardian angel must've been guarding over that wallet like a hawk
  4. OMG Megs! I lost my wallet 2 wks ago. I just got it back in the mail yesterday after I filed a police report etc! So glad you found it quickly! I had to get a new ID and everything.
  5. OMG !!! You were lucky to find it still there ! and a Dior Wallet too !!
    yeah!! one should always take the time once in a while to pace themselves.
  6. Wow!! I'm so glad your wallet was left untouched! You hear too many cases out there about identity theft and everything...
  7. OMGosh! Thank goodness megs! Nothing like a little jumpstart to get your heart beating! SO glad the story ended well!

    So, what'd you get?:biggrin:
    I always get a burrito bowl w/ barbacoa! I eat there every week! HMMMMMMMMM!
  8. wow, i could imagine your heart racing, because mine certainly was! glad you got it back that is a close call. my bf has his wallet chained to him at all times. says he has never lost his wallet in 15 years.
  9. I'm glad you got your wallet back. Whew! I bet your heart is still beating fast!
  10. :Push:.....:amazed: whewww!
  11. Thank goodness nothing bad happened !
  12. That's such a scary feeling, I left my purse outside of a Starbucks awhile back, but luckily a nice lady turned it into them. Everything intact. I would have been in the U.S. with nothing, I was visiting at that point.
  13. I was getting so ticked off driving back to find it... I got a red light and i screamed, a car turned to slow and I screamed!!! I can't beleive it was just sitting on the ground peacefully. And different cars pulled up since I left, and none of them touched it or took anything?!?!
  14. It kind of restores your faith in humanity, doesn't it?! that or nobody noticed it! :biggrin:
  15. I'm gonna go with nobody noticed! Because I figure if they did, maybe they would be nice and give it to the restaurant!

    Either way I am lucky as anything!