Nearly Got a new Petrol Spy - now still looking

  1. Hi, As people on here know I am looking for a Petrol Spy everyone has been so nice. I thought I had one got so excited yesterday as a member on here emailed me saying she had a brand new one bought from Blooingdales even still had the price tag on it plus receipt and she was in London it was just perfect. She sells on Ebay but only sells authentic stuff. She was going to list it this morning and I was going to buy. Had been up since 5.00a.m. (I know I am mad but was excited). When she was taking the photos of it she fell in love with it and decided not to sell, which I do not blame her. So I am still looking any one hears of one please let me know. I cannot buy from shops in the USA as in England and they will not let me.:crybaby:
  2. disappointing! Keep looking and try to be patient...your Petrol spy will come to you somehow!
  3. Don't give up! Your Petrol Spy is out there somewhere. I hope you find one soon!!!
  4. lemme know if you stumble across two! lols
  5. Oh...that must have been dissapointing...even if it was understandable!! I am keeping my eye out in the second-hand shops here in HK, in hopes that I can find one for you for a good deal!
  6. Thank you while on my quest for this Petrol have ended up buying the green and cherry spy. Must get the petrol soon my bank balance cannot stand it LOL......
  7. OMG Saich!!! You nabbed that cherry? I'm soooooooooooooooooo jealous!! But so happy you got something exquisite. Please, please, please post pics of your cherry. :yes:
  8. Pics of the cherry please??...
  9. Hi The Cherry is nappa leather I think it was made the end of last year I do not have the bags yet should be with me next week but you can see them on Ebay item 220026067478 and 250026434349. I think they are lovely colours but it will take a lot to beat the Petrol