Nearly all foundation looks yellow on me!

  1. I'm pale, but with pink/reddish undertones. My mom has the same issue, but she's a bit darker than me.

    Nearly all foundations I've tried (Lancome, Chanel, MAC...) make me look yellow. Corpse-like even, if the coverage is too high.
    The only foundation I don't have this problem with (MaxFactor Lasting Performance) makes my skin look slightly grey-ish, which I don't like either.

    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? Would it be wise for me to mix different colors?
    If so, what colors?
    Suggestions? :biggrin:
  2. Idk of this would be too dark, but I tried Revlon Photoready liquid foundation in Cool Beige and it was too pink for me. I had to get Medium Beige and Golden Beige and mix them. The cool beige is a lovely color and was not yellow at all. I also have to recommend Clinique Almost Makeup although I think they are discontinuing it. I think the newer one is the Even Better and comparable. The Almost Makeup is medium coverage and comes out beautifully on me in pics. Not white or cakey like other foundations I've tried.
  3. you may also want to try a different color setting powder to make the color right. I have to do this..
  4. i have the same problem. All of the brands that you listed, made me look yellow. My skin is very fair, with definate cool undertones. If you want liquid or cream foundation, i would try MAC. I tried several of their colors and they have pale shades that didn't make me yellowish. Currently i wear Bare Minerals which has really good color selection. If you are pale, i would try Fair. It a perfect match for me when i wasn't tan(i used self tanner recently so i've been wearing Medium Beige or Light)
  5. That seems like a nice idea... Wouldn't it give a matte finish though? Or are there any powders that do still have a dewy finish?
  6. Thanks!! I do usually like Clinique products, so I might look into that one.. There's no Revlon retailer in my town, so I've never tried any of their products, but I am curious about their products though! I know there is a revlon retailer in a nearby town...
  7. Ahw, so I could've just had the wrong color/range by MAC? I'm not very familiar with their lines, but I like what I tried ('cept the coloring was off)..
  8. i think the shade that matched my skin tone was NC15 or NC20? Not sure, since this was a while ago. When it comes to matching the color, you really need to get a knowledgable SA to help you
  9. I recommend trying NARS or MUFE if you haven't before. Sephora normally gives samples so you can try before you buy.
  10. Maybe try some NW shades in MAC (which are pinker) than the NC shades (which are yellower). It depends which foundation you go for though - I'm a pinky colour myself but oxidize the NW shades of the Mineralize Skinfinish liquid for example, and have to go for the NC shades instead. A good MAC SA though should be able to help through the minefield of MAC foundation shades. (The ones in Belfast are awesome, and understand every nuance, skin chemical reaction and texture going, which helps....!)
  11. powders, IMO will matt the foundation if you use it on top of a cream to powder (which doesn't need another powder on top) or if you use too much. Just a light brushing will do. I use it more on my nose (since I'm oily) and forehead.

    Powders won't give you a dewy finish, that's the job of the foundation.
  12. I've found Chanel and Bobbi Brown are too yellow for me. Try Dior, I have the best match with that one. Also, Guerlain's foundations with the last numeral of 2 ie 02 or 12 have a pink(rose) base to it.
  13. The new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua line has a range of shades with pink undertones (BR10, BR20, ...) along with a range with yellowish undertones (B10, B20, ...). Since it's new, many dept. stores have some samples and you could try out the lighter pink-based shades. There are some nice swatches here:
  14. I have definite pink undertones myself, and found that a great match for me is MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation in NW15 or NW20 (depending on if it's winter or summer). Estee Lauder Double Wear in Shell works well for me, and I recently started using Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 1 which also works well on me.
  15. I slightly have this issue too, I recently bought the new chanel aqua foundation which has shades in the rose category and its perfect! The foundation is very very nice as well. I would give that a try if you havent already.