Nearly 500 dogs rescued from two puppymill kennels...

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  1. This is only about 20 minutes from me, so it's so close to home. Although we know that they can operate anywhere, I'd only heard of these in "problem" states that are lenient. It's shocking to find this ugly operation in our quiet community, despite a local reputable breeder who had told me a couple of years ago that they were working on exposing a possible puppymill in the area. I'm so glad they were able to legally confiscate these dogs, many of which were those abnormally small, ill, tiny pups that they market as "teacups" to exploit them even more for thousands and thousands of dollars. The update now is that it's up to over 450 dogs rescued. It's the uninformed public that are keeping these disgusting people in business. I had heard some puppymills will clean them up, pack up their akc papers, and take a family of dogs to a conspirator's home and it looks like they were bred "lovingly in their home" and interested people fall for it thinking they're just a sweet family breeding dogs responsibly (I still don't believe it is either way, but the mask is worse). Unbelievable the naivete. Any help is appreciated, as our county's animal welfare and rescue groups are overwhelmed right now. They've gotten this far, but are still struggling right now from not only neglect, but a deadly parasite that seems to effected a good number of them. I decided to post this in the animalicious forum instead of the news. If anything, a little prayer for the dogs, and the sick ones, would be sufficient. They aren't up for adoption yet, but hopefully they'll eventually find forever homes and realize what companionship is.

    Nearly 200 (now it's over 450) Dogs Taken From Mount Vernon Puppy Mills

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 – updated: 4:41 pm PST January 22, 2009
    MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- Nearly 200 dogs were confiscated from two separate kennels south of Mount Vernon after authorities served search warrants for animal cruelty and neglect, Chief Criminal Deputy Will Reichardt of the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office said.
    More than 400 dogs were being held in a Mountain View Road puppy mill where they had been kept in small kennels. Many of the dogs were heavily matted and were standing in their own feces in wire cages, Reichardt said.
    The dogs were mostly Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, poodles and Yorkshire terriers (poms too!).
    SLIDESHOW: Neglected Dogs Removed From Breeding Operations
    There was also a room that was housing about 20 female dogs that were nursing litters of pups.
    Seven dogs were found lying dead in a plastic crate and four dogs needed immediate veterinary care.
    About 25 volunteers removed about 150 dogs Wednesday that were evaluated to be in need of better care.
    Those dogs were taken to a temporary shelter at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon or to the homes of volunteers.
    Another 40 dogs that were living in small crates, many of which were contaminated with their own feces and urine, were seized from another location on West Big Lake Road, Reichardt said.
    The dogs were mostly Australian shepherds. They are being housed temporarily in private residences of local volunteers until other accommodations can be made.
    Reichardt said two ponies were also seized as they showed significant signs of malnourishment and neglect.
    No one has been arrested in either case, but charges may be forthcoming, Reichardt said.
    The group Saving Pets One at a Time is helping the dogs. People interested in volunteering or donating can find out how at the group's Web site.
    Also the Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic is helping the rescued dogs. They can be reached at phone: 360-757-3722 or e-mail:
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  2. Thanks surferchick for posting this. This is a awful reminder of the greedy horrible people who will essentially torture and mistreat animals in the name of the dollar. A must read for anyone who loves animals.
  3. ^^Agreed

    I am so glad they were rescued.

    To anybody reading this...PLEASE do not buy from pet stores!!!
  4. Don't buy from pet stores OR online!! ADOPT (, and if you must buy, read the tips to fid a reputale breeder at
    So glad these dogs were able to be rescued. If only all the others were so lucky...