Nearing the end of eBay auction: Do you sit and watch it?

  1. Hi guys,

    I have pretty much been sitting here for the past hour or so constantly refreshing this eBay auction page. I was highest bidder yesterday, but then this morning someone outbid me :cursing: So now I'm waiting for the last few minutes of the eBay auction so I can bid and win this thing! :yes: ROFL

    DH and I are in Paris right now...and I'm sitting in my hotel room constnatly refreshing a stupid eBay auction for a CROCK POT! rofl :shame: We were supposed to go out tonight, but I made DH move our plans until after the eBay auction had closed. I need to win this crock pot! (they don't sell em in Germany!)

    ...does anybody else sit there and watch (and constantly refresh?) eBay auction pages when the end of the auction is near? ...or am I the only one? :sweatdrop: lol
  2. I usually don't bid until the last minute, so I set my alarm on my cell phone for 5 minutes before the auction ends.

    Good luck with the crockpot :smile:
  3. a sniper could do that for you then you get on with your life rofl.
  4. rofl, I thought about using a sniper but that just kidna takes the fun out of it for me...I enjoy sitting there at the last minute typing in amounts that are over the amount I wanted to spend anyway! rofl :shame:

    I did the same thing a few years ago when I bought my mom a LV Wallet on eBay...I stayed up until 3 in the freaking morning bidding on this thing...I bid in the last 7 seconds and won the baby for a fantastic price :biggrin:
  5. I used to do that, until the sniper failed on 2 different occassions...didn't even place the bid I don't use them anymore.
  6. If I really want the item, I sit there with a stopwatch to place my bidding in the final seconds before the auction ends...
    Regina (viele Grüße aus dem Norden). :smile:
  7. lol, I usually start my bidding within the last 2 or 3 minutes...and keep going until the very end if I am still not the highest bidder :biggrin:

    Servus Regina ;) Komme aus Bayern (zwischen Würzburg und Nürnberg auf der A3)
  8. i dun know. id rather see the eiffel tower than sit and watch any auction. thats just me. :angel:
  9. I already saw it ;) We're only pushing our plans back 30 minutes, so it's not like we're losing much time, lol
  10. LOL I do the same. I refresh contantly over the last 20/30 mins of it & bid in the last 30 seconds or so.
  11. I don't bid until the last couple of minutes unless it's a buy-it-now.
  12. I write the time it ends on my wrist and then go to the auction a minute before it ends. Then I bid when theres eight seconds left. Works every time. :yes: Unless its something I will never have a chance with again, I never center my whole day around it. I cant say "Oh sorry Id love to see a movie with you, but Im waiting for an auction on Ebay to end." My friends would call me crazy!
  13. Luckily, my cell phone allows me to bid on the move so I can do other things if I decide to. I usually stalk the last 5 minutes of the auction and end up getting emotional (whether I win or not)! LOL! But I try to stay away from bidding on ebay because I swear my heart palpitates whenever I see someone else bidding on an item I've watched for days.
  14. I get too nervous watching it, but I've had issues with sniping software and with my own computer/internet connection so I try not to wait until the very last seconds...maybe the last minute or two. I actually find my heart starts beating faster in those last few moments, I'm such a dork!
  15. So did you win the crock pot? :p