Nearest Hermes to Orlando, Florida?

  1. I might have to be there in Jan.

    Can someone tell me what is the nearest H to this town and how far it is and how is the boutique like? I cant find maps on the internet.

    Also, if someone would kindly recommend a SA for me? :flowers: You can PM me if you want confidentiality.
  2. Probably Naples, which is about four hours (South) away, on the Gulf Coast, just take I-75 South... It's at the Waterside Shops, I used to live in that area... Naples would be closer than Miami... It's a beautiful new boutique in an upscale shopping centre.
  3. Palm Beach has a large H boutique on Worth's about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Just take the FL turnpike South to I-95 and head South, then take a left towards the ocean on Okeechobee Blvd.
  4. ^^I forgot about PB! Good call!
  5. I won't swear to it, but I think the Mall at Millenia. It has been years since I was there, but it is a huge mall with every and I do mean EVERY designer known to mankind. Here's a link (I sure hope this works): - 8k

    Happy Shopping!
  6. I was in Naples recently and that boutique is gorgeous (although lacking many essential H bags!)...but the one in Miami (Bal Harbour) is really a treat. Everyone was very helpful, and they had a lot to offer (its a much larger store). Ask for George if you go ;)
  7. Thank you for your help and feedback, yall.

    I think I am spoiled since I live within walking distance from my nearest H. Two hrs drive seems very far away. I probably wont be able to get there. :sad:
  8. Walking distance!! Oh gosh!! You are SO LUCKY!!!!!:yes:
  9. I am. :yes:
    I need to count my blessings more. Thank you for reminding me :flowers: