Near miss on *bay

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  1. I've been hanging out in the LV section of the forum but just had a near miss on the bay that I thought was important to share with all of you since it involves a bbag. I hope this is the right spot to share this. Long story short, something didn't sit right with me about a couple of emails from a potential buyer so I googled the email address the buyer provided. I've never done that before but so glad I did. I found a thread on the bay about a scammer, this person, that purchases items, pays through paypal then reverses the payment once the item is shipped. The poor people that mailed the items have not gotten very far in trying to get them back or get their payment back because the contact info provided by the buyer was not correct (of course).

    I'm not sure how to report this to the bay so any thoughts would be appreciated. Also, can I put the *bay member's id on this post? Mods? I don't want to break any rules, just want to help others avoid this scammer.
  2. Can you share what was in the emails that didn't sit right with you? I'm also wondering do they reverse the payment with paypal or their bank? I mean, how many reversals can one get away with before it creates a red flag??

    Thanks for sharing this info. I have a bag on the bay right now and would like the buyer ID if you could PM it.
  3. I'm not sure about the rules of posting the ID, but I just PMed so that I could put this person on the blocked bidders list.

    Thanks for the heads up!
  4. I am wondering if this could be related to the scam on the ebay forum about the GGH black city and a few other b it not kosher to share a link or email of this person so we can all be aware and avoid disaster by selling to them? I ocassionally sell b bags and I know I would hate to run into this one! THanks
  5. ^^^
    I hope so too mmmsc, I sure would like to avoid selling to this person!

  6. In the *bay forum, there is a NPB list with ID's, so I do not see the difference. This is actually worse, because this person will have the bag and the money. I do not understand the "reversal," and would like to know, if paid through PP, how this can be done without a valid claim (not received, etc.). I sell Bbags on there and bonanzle, and this is scary stuff. Mods, can the ID be added to the NPB list with an explanation about what this person is doing?
  7. I was just reading a little in the *bay forum, which I should have done a long time ago. The thread about the 21 day hold is interesting and might be how this scam works. Someone mentioned on there that when they shipped outside of the US, *bay or paypal didn't recognize the delivery confirmation and couldn't use that as a reason to release the hold on the payment from the buyer. I imagine this would give the buyer plenty of time to file a reversal on the payment for whatever reason they give. It makes me not want to sell on *bay at all anymore and definitely not outside the US. I hate to be paranoid here but it just seems like there are a lot of scammers out there.

    I once had a bidder win something I was selling then tell me they had trouble getting a paypal account. They tried to tell me the only way they could get their paypal account in their country (I'm sorry, don't remember which) was if I gave them my checking account information. Right!!! Of course I didn't fall for that but I wonder how many people get scammed that way. Now that I see the *bay subforum, I will add that buyer's id to the NPB thread.
  8. This is the same scammer group that got me :sad: don't sell your handbags to buyers from the Philippines with no substantial feedback (read previous threads on this group of con artists)
  9. Yes, this was for Manila, Philippines.
  10. Isn't it a shame we have to worry about this kind of stuff?
  11. I would think that if you found this person's ebay ID and email addy in a thread here on the ebay forum, that you could post the ebay ID and a link to that original thread with as note as to "at it again", and state that this person contacted you to purchase, sellers beware.
  12. A couple ways that buyers scam.

    1) Buy but nicely ask the seller to ship to another address. I'll be visiting my cousin, can you ship it there...Can you ship it to my work...Then claim to paypal that it was never received because you know the seller can't possibly prove they shipped it to the paypal transaction address. (I almost fell victim to this a few weeks ago-longer story.)

    2) Buy and switch out a fake bag. Scream to paypal that you received a fake. Send the fake to the seller. Then you have proof that the seller got it back.
  13. They open up new ebay accounts every time they scam closing them down after they get the handbag, you would think ebay would make more of an effort due to all the fraud from Manila but they don't do a thing, its disgusting.
  14. well, at least we have this site to warn others.....and we all must be its our $$$ after all.....
  15. That is great to hear (that you avoided the scam not that you were a potential victim).

    You are free to post the eBay ID in this forum, they will just frown on you listing the email (although if it is the same scammer they switch IDs but maybe they don't switch the email?)