Near-Midnight Ramblings and Chit-Chat!

  1. Hi all. :flowers:

    Strange start to a post, but I'm dealing with a dying grandmother. I have been watching her overnights, but tonight my mother and uncle hired help to watch her, so I am on a strange schedule, but with not much to I am. :heart:

    I do not feel sad, honestly, that she is going....this has been a long time coming and I'm sure she will be better off in her non-human body, but I do feel sad seeing her so uncomfortable, and in so much pain. I'm hoping she'll rest well tonight. She is my last living grandparent - well, she seems to be straddling two worlds. Some freaky stuff has been happening, let me tell you! :s:upsidedown:

    I seem to be in some kind of...foggy matrix? :lol: The days and nights go by quickly, and I was so surprised earlier to learn it is almost the 11th!

    I guess I'm just lonely tonight, and wondering if there are any sweet tPFers around? :love: How have your days gone? Any great new purchases, or exciting news? Well, even mundane news would be great to hear, as I am lacking human interaction! :lol: That's why I put this in General Discussion. :heart:
  2. aww... well i wish you're grandmother the best of health....:flowers: When my grandmother was dying with breast cancer I kept reminding myself, that if she passes she will be in a better place and rest from the suffering..
  3. hi fabgrabs! sorry to hear about your grandmother. you are very strong to keep from being sad.

    right now its only 9:30 where i am so i'm just bumming around on the computer :smile: i'll be here for a bit for some chit chat!
  4. PA, that's very true! *Hugs* to you.

    Caley, just seeing your username made my tummy start grumbling. :lol: It's like a Pavlovian response! I loved your Japan food thread. Are you really WL for the BonBon? That's the one bag from this upcoming season I :love:.
  5. hehe thank you fabgrabs!!! my travel passion is food. i'm surprised i didn't gain 50 lbs. from my last trip to japan.

    i'm slowly losing interest in the bonbon. i think its just too quirky for me. i'm more of a practical bag lover lol. also the size is too similar to the motard and i don't think i need another bag that size. f/w is really my season. i literally went nuts last season!!!

    which bonbon do you like? have you WL for it too? what other bags from s/s are you interested in? i have so many questions!! LOL
  6. Heehee! My bags fall into 2 catagories - Practical, and Artsy-Quirky. I'm not WL for anything this season...but then, all I'd want is the Bon Bon (in Teal!). Last season I fell in love with the Trevi - it makes my heart flutter! :lol: Still waiting for that one!
  7. the trevi is a real classy bag. i think when it comes time for me to expand my damier pieces (i only have a speedy), the trevi is probably the first bag i'd turn to.

    i'm WL for the matisse and mahina xs. those are the definites. but my "just in case" WL items are the bonbon in teal and the watercolor speedy.