Neal's yard remedies

  1. Does anyone here use the Neal's yard products? I've just ordered some organic wild rose beauty balm to try on a friends recommendation. Are they any good for people with sensitive skin?

    Any feedback or info appreciated!
  2. i cant even go into the shop because of the smell, sorry im no help.
  3. oh, didn't realise their products were so scented! I've never been in the shops!
  4. I don't know how good their products are for sensitive skin, but I loved going to their shop and looking at all their products. I didn't find the smell in their store overwhelming at all, but then I have a poor sense of smell. Neal's Yard Remedies is like The Body Shop but for grown ups.

    I use a heavy cream (for my body) that is completely unscented to which I add a vial of their rose absolute 100% pure essential oil. I think it's fabulous. The cream comes from their range of unscented products to which you can add essential oils to, like body lotion, body wash, body cream etc. I think this range would be good for sensitive skin, and if you were to add an essential oil (unless you know what you're doing) I think it's best to speak to an SA.

    Neal's Yard is virtually unknown in the USA. I've never seen a store here, their products might only be available online or through a small catalogue I periodically get in the post.
  5. PS. I just looked at the link for the wild rose beauty balm. I hope the product is kind on your skin, it's full of such wholesome ingredients and I'm sure it smells lovely. Please give an update on how you find the product, I would love to know.
  6. I will do, takes 5 days for delivery. My friend says it's lovely and can be used as a cleanser with the muslin cloth it's supplied with or can be used as a moisturiser.
  7. Thanks, I look forward to your verdict!
  8. well my balm has arrived . It's a lovely cleanser particularly when using it with the muslin cloth it comes with, and I've used it as a moisturiser today underneath my tinted moisturiser with SPF. skin feels smooth and smells nice- success so far!
  9. I'm so glad you like it. So if you use it with the muslin cloth does it act like an exfoliator? Also, is it greasy and is it for all skin types?

    Sorry for all the Qs.

  10. yes, it's supposed to be for all skin types. when used with the muslin cloth it cleanses and exfoliates. it feels quite greasy/ oily when you use it but if you use it sparingly as a moisturiser it didn't make my face greasy iykwim. I normally have quite dry taut skin after washing but with this my face felt wonderfully moisturised so i didn't needs to plaster on as much moisturiser as I normally would.
    For cleansing they suggest wetting the face (or you can place the warm damp muslin cloth on your face to open the pores) then massage the balm in , then remove it with the dampened muslin cloth using small circular motions. It is a lovely cleanser!
    I've now ordered some rose water ( toner) and some almond moisturiser to try too and they should arrive next week - think I'm hooked!

    they have a USA web-site- here it is!

  11. Thanks for the website! I love going to the store and browsing when I'm in the UK. I can spend ages in there looking at each bottle and reading the ingredients label etc etc
  12. I've just bought the Wild Rose Beauty Balm after reading Leah Wood's comments in a magazine about how she's used it since she was a little girl and that she never uses anything else, she says the smell is so comforting to her, she loves that it is 100% organic, especially for when you're pregnant, and she says...."apart from any of the reasosns why I love totally does what it's made to do and I just love it." - so, I hopped on down to a large Boots the chemist and bought myself a jar. Will try it tonight. I think, having used Eve Lom, it is along the same lines as that. I am beyond being at the end of my tether with my skin. It is vile. I have huge bulging red spots, tiny spots under the skins surface, some are so sore, I am so depressed by suffering with such bad skin. Ive tried SO much.....the pill, a dermatologist .....spent probably £5,000 over the past 3 years and herrendous. :sad: