nead you advice : City vs Part Time

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  1. Hello

    I am a happy owner of a RHPT that I use everyday. She is pretty much full. I try not to fill her to much because I dislike the look of a "big belly bag".
    BUT I would appreciate the bag to be taller. I have to deal with the zip to make sure I don't get the stuff I carry in the zip.

    I know that the city is taler but less wide so I wonder if I could get as much stuff into a city that I do put into my part time?

    The lucky owner of PT and City could you please tell me if you can put as much in both of your bags? Thanks
  2. I think the city and PT are the same height, so the PT is definitely larger than the city.
  3. ^^I thought the PT was more East - West than the city bag was, i.e. the city was deeper?

    Either way I think the original poster would love the shape of a city more.
  4. it sounds like OP might want to go into the WORK size!! if the PT isn't big enough, the WORK is the next size up. it has the same width of the PT but DEEPER. the city is definitely smaller than the PT (same depth but narrower = smaller).
  6. I can fit the same amount in both; the city is taller; the PT is deeper (front to back).
  7. Agreed! To me the work has similar proportions to the city; it's more square and not as rectangular as the PT. But, it doesn't have a shoulder strap like the city and PT - not sure if that's important to the OP?
  8. That's the point. I do need a shoulder strap. That's why the work is not for me.

    If I was sure that the city could contain all my stuff I would go for it, but as I don't have any bal shop around I cannot try it out by myself. :sad:
  9. I do not have a PT, but have read in numerous places, that those who own both believe it holds MORE than the City.

    Have you considered the DAY? They are more comfy to carry, and hold quite a bit more than my Cities. However, they don't look nice stuffed too full either...they lose their slouch and turn into a shopping bag look.
  10. According to the Bal reference library the PT is 16.5" x 9" x 6.5" and the City is 15" x 10" x 5.5". Multiply those dimensions and the PT comes out to 965 (cubic inches I think - its been a long time since high school math). The City is 825 so it is smaller. if your PT is stuffed, the City probably wouldn't work. The Day is 1040 which is bigger than both and makes a great shoulder bag.
  11. Oh, northerndancer. Assuming you are female, I LOVE a woman who knows her math! I carry all three of these bags. I agree that the PT is larger, but it is also shallower and it is easier to retrieve your stuff! But we all make do with what we have...I select bags based on color and leather.
  12. City is the ideal purse. I sold a PT because its shallow and quite long.

    And yes, City can hold a lot of stuff. PT too but sometimes the edges slouch when not full to the brim.
  13. Thanks DonnaD. Yes I am a female. Depending on what you carry, it may be useful for you to have more depth...or height...or length. Its hard to judge what a bag will carry based solely on its dimensions - you really do need to try it with your "stuff". Tough for OP though because she doesn't have a Bal store nearby so had to go with the probabilities.
  14. Sorry to add another bag into the mix but have you considered a Work? I just bought my first Work and I love it!!!!!
  15. I have considered a work but I like to carry bag in my hand and on my shoulder, eighter way. The work is not to be worn with by big winter coat.
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