Ne-Yo's Mugshot

  1. This picture is proof of why men should "shave it all " off instead of hanging on to the edges.

    [​IMG]TMZ has learned that R&B singer Ne-Yo, aka Shaffer Smith, was popped on Feb. 19 while driving through Cobb County, Georgia. That's so sick!

    Cops pulled Ne-Yo after they observed him driving well over 100 mph in his 2006 Range Rover. He was arrested for reckless driving and for not having a valid license.

    Maybe he was rushing to the Hair Club for Men. WTF's up with that receding hairline? So that's why he wears hats all the time!

    Story developing ...

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  2. shyte got dayum!!
  3. Yuk !
  4. he needs his hat, fast!
  5. I didn't even recognise him in that picture!
  6. Oh. not a good look. That goatee thing needs to go too.
  7. looks liek a real thug...:wlae:
  8. LOL. I was thinking more of a young George Jefferson.:angel:
  9. He doesn't look remorseful.
  10. yikes! not pretty. He gets it from his dad apparently :sad: hes so yougn too!
  11. That is not a nice look for neyo!
  12. How old is he? :o
  13. Ne-Yo = 25:shame:

    Actually male pattern baldness comes from mom!! So if I want to see if a guy is going to lose his luxurious hair, I look at mom :upsidedown:
  14. Definitely not a good look for him!
  15. a guess that's why he never,ever takes his hat off. there's always a reason for everything.