NDS Games: What are you playing now?

  1. Since there is a thread about the Animal Crossing game, I thought that it'd be fun if we have a thread to discuss and share games that we are currently playing with each other.

    Currently, I just finished playing Phoenix Wright Trials & Tribulations today. I love it! It's a game where you're a defense attorney and your supposed to solve cases and look for clues and it's really funny! I played all 3 of the North American versions and cannot wait till the 4th game (with a new defense attorney called Apollo Justice) comes out!

    Also, I just had my mom buy me My French Coach last week! It's pretty cool. Apparently 15-20 minutes of playing a day will eventually make you fluent in French. I already have some French background though but it builds my vocabulary base and allows me to practice my pronounciation!
  2. My Spainish Coach it's really good I bought it for the wii first but that version sucks the DS version is much better i've learnt quite a bit already
  3. I play Animal Crossing daily, but other than that the only other game that I have is Crash of the Titans. I basically completed the whole thing within days so I hardly go on that one anymore. It was a good game whilst it lasted and took me back to the days of the old PS1 and Crash Bandicoot.
  4. i'm not a big game person so i don't have that many games, but i'm currently playing animal crossing (obviously :p) and brain age as well as the new york times crossword puzzle (or the nerdy games as my SO/friends like to call them :s).

    the language games sounds really interesting-they may be my next purchase, since my 10 years of spanish have quickly deteriorated
  5. Cooking Mama 2!!
  6. Cute thread! I'm only working on Brain Age 2, but I usually play it at 3am after my baby's night feeding so my Brain Age is sooooo bad, lol.

    I should buy that Spanish Coach thing! I didn't even know that existed.

    Is there a trivia game of some sort available? I love that!
  7. I have periods where I play loads of DS every day, and then there are periods where I don't touch it at all. Right now I'm into the latter, but before that I was playing Zelda:panthom hourglass - I absolutely adore the Zelda games.

    Also I love Diddy Kong Racing (have played through it about three or four times now) and of course Super Mario 64 DS.

    I also love Animal Crossing, but for reasons explained in the other thread, I don't really play it anymore, but I hope I'll resume it at some point :yes:
  8. Hate to admit this, but pokemon diamond :shame:, also nintendogs, and mario kart :smile: When I am not playing Halo 3 of course!
  9. I've actually considered getting pokemon diamond!! What do you think about it? I've heard a lot of great stuff about it, but in general, I've never been a fan of pokemon franchise so I'm a bit sceptical :p
  10. Its an awesome game, I've beat the pokemon league too many times to count, mostly so I can get the money in the game and buy things from the shop lol. What I like about it is finding new pokemon and then trading with other people around the world. My little sister and I play together. I played the previous versions when I was younger (sad to say I'm 24 now and still playing), so I had a background for it. I could also transfer my pokemon from my GBA games to my DS so that was cool. Its pretty funny, little kids are always impressed by my collection of pokemon...I have too much time on my hands. A collector in games as in life lol.
  11. Oh cool, I'll definitely check it out - I need a new game or two anyways :yes:
  12. Nice, get addicted so we can trade :yahoo:
  13. lol, I will! :yes:
  14. I want this one and the French version. There are SO many good games out for the DS!
  15. I am VERY addicted to Pokemon diamond and Pearl. I started playing the Pokemon games a long time ago and I never stoped. :shame: I even get in line at the events for the special characters. But I do play other games like animal crossing, harvest moon, final fantasy... I have a lot of games. Although I haven't played much recently... I am in the middle of finals.