1. My name is Cornflower Blue and I'm addicted to NCIS.

    How I missed this earlier I do not know!! I've been bitten so bad, I'm juggling 3 different series of it!:nuts: I'm dealing with Kill Ari 1 & 2 (today), series 6 and the end of series 7. I cannot get enough!!

    Anybody else hooked?
  2. Yup, I love it too. In fact I didn't discover it until the reruns started on USA, so there were lots of episodes to catch up on.
  3. I love it too. I used to make fun of it before I had ever seen it because I've known NCIS agents and they did nothing even remotely close to what the series is about. But once I started watching I couldn't stop. :biggrin:
  4. I am also a lover of NCIS, I also used to think it was boring, but after watching one full episode I could watch all episodes :lol:
  5. I :love:Mark Harmon. Always have. Always will.
  6. There's only actually 2 series of it. I've watched it for years and love it!
  7. ^^ Really? There should be more? I thought there were at least 6 seasons.

    I totally agree Mark Harmon rocks esp with his coffee in hand!
  9. There's been 7 seasons, with an 8th scheduled for this year/next year (see, I told you I was hooked....:p) We've got 2 channels here showing reruns and another showing the 7th season for the first time (I think), although that's coming to an end.

    I'm a bit of a DiNozzo fan myself :graucho:, but all the characters are brilliant - it's a joy to watch!
  10. ^Oh you said series, but you meant seasons. Gotcha. It's a good show, and has become my favorite since TWW ended.
  11. Another NCIS lover here- I discovered it in reruns and now I always watch! I love the kooky lab gal!
  12. ^^ Abbie or Abbey - I think she always loves that red drink! Massive cup like big gulp!
  13. Caf-Pow!! What the heck is that?? So wrong and yet so right...
  14. I also like NCIS: LA. Totally different dynamic but a good show... not quite as good though ;)
  15. Cornflower - caf pow is supposed to be like Hawaiian Punch :nuts:

    I need to get into NCIS LA, I have not quite yet, I have no problem leaving it be and sticking to justified and jumping on it for the re runs.