NCAA Basketball Tournament

  1. Shout out for your favorite team...

    GO KU!!!!!!
  2. Both of my teams are in the Sweet Sixteen: Florida (my dad went there and I grew up a fan) and Vandy (where I went to school). I am not sure if I see Vandy making it past Georgetown, but they did manage to defeat Florida earlier in the season. I think Florida will advance. I am looking forward to watching the games.
  3. USC Trojans made it to the Sweet 16!!! Woo Hoo!!
  4. Georgetown is my favorite but I dont think theyre gonna make it... I have Kansas as my final pick in my pool :biggrin:
  5. my team didnt make it (it was the first time being eligible in a few years following a scandal)...maybe next year

    I am not sure who I am rooting for right now though. I thought Stanford was going to do well, so my NCAA pool is pretty much wrong.
  6. Rock Chalk JAYHAWK!

  7. :nuts: Wooo to the hooo!!
    roookkkk challlkkkk jaaayyyhaaawwkkkk kkkkkkkk uuuuuuu!
    Rock chalk jay hawk- rock chalk jay hawk- rock chalk jay hawk- K-U!
  8. I can never pick KS to win...cuz I feel like I want it so bad I'll jinx them!:wtf:
  9. I picked Kansas to win it all in my bracket. Go Jayhawks!!
  10. Um I don't keep up with sports, but I know my team is in there somewhere...though I know nothing about my team, lol.... GO WINTHROP? GO WINTHROP?! :blink: Wooooo! :biggrin:
  11. well of course my school isn't in it lol. But I was rooting for Washington State, since they lost..I'm gonna go with Florida or Kansas.
  12. Texas A&M. Go Aggies!!!
  13. Wintrop lost in the second a week ago ;)

    But I applaud your team loyalty!!

    I'm going with Georgetown to win it all. Oregon beating Florida, then beating Kansas, G'Town beating Oregon for the title
  14. Ok...I have FL beating OH St. in the finals...but I would die and go to Heaven if KS won!!! I just can't get myself to bet on them....I'm too afraid of my power of wishful thinking...and the jinx it will bring!
    :dothewave:Are you all ready for some game?! It's Jayhawk time....:yahoo:
    Good luck KU!!!!:dothewave:
  15. You should all be so glad you're not sitting in my family room while I watch! It's not pretty. I"m worse than my husband.