NBC's The Blacklist starring James Spader

  1. James Spader ❤. From episode one I've felt that Lizzie may just be his daughter but that would be just too obviously can't wait until that unfolds.
  2. Yes! James Spader! Loved his acting via his various tv personas...well, with the exception of "The Office". :p Love the show so far, haven't missed an episode. :tup:

  3. I am trying to work that one out too. Maybe he killed her father?

    Cannot wait for next Mondays episode, we are one week behind the US.
  4. Okay so who was in the picture and did anyone catch the date? I thought it said 12/90 but wasn't sure.
  5. I agree -- short hair would suit her role so much better although the wig doesn't really bother me. I think she's so cute -- but that perhaps is not the believable face for her kind of job.
  6. It definitely read something/90... so the year was 1990 and if we subtract Spader's real age (born 1960) he would have been around 30 years old. Who would he know at 30? A girlfriend or wife? A sister?
  7. There was also another set of numbers at the end. In the Chinese envelope. I'm probably remembering it wrong but I thought it was 042383...I definitely got the last two numbers right, and Im guessing if it's a birthdate..whoever it is would be around 29/30 years of age..which would be about Elizabeth Kean's age.
  8. Oh I forgot about the Chinese envelope. That surely must tie into the picture somehow. But the picture was someone who is dead. Elizabeth's mom?
  9. i'm liking this show!! very interesting, it reminds me a bit of person of interests but so much more interesting
  10. I'm thinking maybe that photo he took from the album was of her mother....maybe he was involved with her? Reason I think this is the photo resembles Lizzy (from what I could see of it)
    I suppose if that was the case, he could be her bio father (vs the father she knew)
  11. Going to watch this tonight. Hope it is good.
  12. I had not thought of that. :wondering
  13. That's what i I think because I thought it looked just like her. He could be her uncle too.
  14. One of my pet peeves with TV portrayals is when they show surgeons with long hair hanging loose over the shoulders. IRL female doctors (esp surgeons and I'd include medical examiners) would have their long hair up in a bun or at least the sides up. Not running around in tight skirts, 4 inch heels and long loose hair.