NBC's The Blacklist starring James Spader

  1. I liked it. but I didn't like that they solved the crisis so quickly at the end of the episode. Is that what we will see? Every episode he helps his daughter (?) capture a criminal?

    I said his daughter because that is what they are implying, but I doubt it will be that simplistic.
  2. Loved the first episode! I will watch just about anything with James Spader but this was really good.
  3. I think it will be wayyyyy too obvious that Elizabeth is his daughter...unless there's a really good backstory on it.

    and I'm guessing her husband is/was a Russian spy right?
  4. Spader is either her father, as they are implying, or he's a huge criminal Spader will help her find at the end of the season.

    What is the scar on her hand and does it look like what was on the box her husband was hiding... and speaking of hiding the box under the floor, how did Spader know she found something since what are the chances someone would cut up the rug at that exact same spot as the hiding place?

    Or did I miss something?
  5. she got the scar on her hand from the fire when she was 14. But they haven't told us more about that yet. just that there was a fire, she was 14, and her dad was there.

    I'd have to look at her scar and the carving on the box again....I think it resembled something..judging by the way she touched the box. or maybe we're reading too much into it.
  6. It kept my attention. I assume her husband died (otherwise she would have been at the hospital with him instead of cleaning up the blood at the apartment)?
    I think she was old enough to remember her father so it wouldn't be James Spader's character?
  7. Loved Spader, but not sure of the whole concept of the show...
  8. +1

    I thought it would be more suspenseful. Have to wait and see how it fares.
  9. I love James Spader, so devilishly sly! I haven't watched a primetime series in years but since Dexter is gone and Ray Donovan is on hiatus...I might invest in this show. The pilot was pretty good!
  10. When she got that box out, it reminded me of Revenge and the box with the infinity symbol on it.

    At first I thought they implied *Red* is her father, but she would've remembered her dad, so it's some other connection. The husband revelations were creepy (all the passports, disappearing from the hospital). I'm interested in what will come of that.
  11. I enjoyed this pilot...I like James Spader too, he can be 'slimy' in his characters :smile:

    I thought the husband lived, am I wrong? I'm assuming Red knew that Elizabeth's husband was some kind of double spy from the beginning?

    I too suspect that Elizabeth is Red's daughter, don't know if that will ever be revealed, or not.

    I'll watch again!
  12. Maybe Red is her REAL father because she would have remembered the other father.
    Or Red had extensive plastic surgery so she doesn't recognize him.
    Guess we have to wait and see!
  13. I thought it looked like the scar as well but not 100% sure. When she was on the phone with James Spader he asked her what she saw a few times and one of the times she said "there was so much blood." I am thinking maybe the Russian terrorist guy made sure the blood was there so that she would have to pull the rug up?

    ETA Forgot to mention I really enjoyed it. James Spader being her father seems far too easy but why else would he know her or be interested in her? Curious to see how it plays out. I assumed her husband was like a Jason Bourne - working for the CIA or someone. He had a French passport, as well as a Russian one I thought.
  14. That's what I was thinking -- he sat the husband in a chair at that particular spot and made sure the blood dripped there -- but how did Spader know she would cut a square section of the carpet and lift it up? :p

    I'm assuming it was Spader who planned for her to find the information this way...
  15. I'm thinking more along the lines of she's his illegitimate child etc. But if she is his child, they shouldn't drag that storyline out for too long. Cause what I and everyone else will be pissed about is they do all these twists and turns and we only find out at the very end of the season that he is(as everyone had guessed all along) her father. That will really piss me off.