NBC sued for 100 mil for catching a predator too well

  1. "Louis "Bill" Conradt grabbed a gun and shot himself as he spotted cops, reporter Chris Hansen and a camera crew from the popular "To Catch a Predator" segment outside his home on Nov. 5, 2006, according to a notice of claim sent to NBC yesterday."


    If I was the sister of this dead psycho I will be to embarres to go out and try to sue someone that is doing the right thing and protecting OUR CHILDREN.

    I'm sorry but.. .he went there to have sex with a child. I have no sympathy for this man and his death.

  2. Really, they did society a favor. This guy will never prey on another child, that's for sure(and he saved us the cost of a trial/incarceration).
  3. I hate that show! its such intrapment. Just watch them. They get lonley normal guys on there by having this chick talk dirty to them and get them to talk dirty back! i hope she wins!
  4. Um, it's entrapment, and they know full well they are going to meet a minor, for SEX!!! - they should fry!
  5. I think this show is the best thing out there, I can tell you do not have any children. Im happy that they get this SICK people off our streets. And they are DEF NOT lonely normal guys (LIKE YOU SAID) they are sick and they should be in JAIL.
  6. Maybe she's thinking of a different show. You don't need to have children to understand the impact.

    I'm not so surprised with the lapse of time. It takes a while to put a case together and/or find an attorney willing to represent. I guess plaintiff is going to request a bench trial, I can't imagine a jury NOT siding with NBC.
  7. Just my opinion, but not all of the people on the show are created equal. I mean a girl who is supposedly 14 talking super dirty to a guy who is 19 and him agreeing to meet her is totally different from a 45 year old married guy going to meet a 12 year old.

    Some of those guys are totally stupid to think that a young girl like that would even halfway consider wanting to have sex with them, let alone talk that dirty to them. Puhleeeze!
  8. The person they have posing as the minor online NEVER makes the first move and is never the first one to mention sex. It is always the predator who does, and then proceeds to send pictures of his genitals, talk dirty and suggest meeting.

    The groups who help the show by posing as underaged girls doesn't do anything wrong because they want everything legally to fall on the predator. They are looking to get these guys convicted, and if they were the ones trolling for sex on the internet, then someone might legally be able to find a way out of responsibility.

    There is no way around the fact that these guys are creeps looking to molest 14 year old girls.
  9. are you kidding me???????????? :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  10. Would you say this men is normal if you see him in your house where you underage child is ALONE?


    I dont think so. They are not normal. They know what they are doing is ILLEGAL which is why once they see and talk to Chris Hansen they apologized and swear that they would not do it ever again.
  11. the people that do these stings are professionals - nbc doesn't have their staffers doing it. they're very, very careful in how they go about finding these people so that it's not entrapment. they make sure that it is the adults making all the sexual advances, that the adult is explicitly told the age of the person that they're talking with from the beginning, and they never put the 'bait' at an age near the age of consent - they're always 12 or 13, half a decade or more away from being able to legally consent to sexual activity. if they have to try to get the guy to make advances, then they don't pursue him as someone that will be confronted and arrested.

    the guys that they end up confronting are scum and should be shot on sight (and this is coming from someone that doesn't believe in the death penalty). they show up to the home of a 12-year-old, usually with condoms and alcohol to get the child drunk and take advantage if they resist initially. there's no rehab or therapy that will make these people better. many of the predators they catch have also been previously arrested and incarcerated for child molestation, corruption of a minor, etc. they're not getting the wrong people, and there are so many of them out there that they don't have to entrap anyone.

    i was the 'bait' age when the internet and chat rooms were first exploding, and trust me, if you go into ANY chat and say you're a 12 year old girl, guys come out of the woodwork trying to have cyber sex with you, get your phone number, or get you to meet up with them. i assure you, from my personal experience, that there's no entrapment involved; it's simply not necessary.
  12. A major element of entrapment is that the government agent has to induce someone, who was otherwise unwilling, to commit the crime. Thus most of the predators in these cases can't claim that defense.

    It is possible, though, that that by arriving with camera's they are violating the rights of people who have not yet been convicted. Thus there might be some tort claims (false light etc) that arise. (Especially if the perpetrators are not convicted later).

    In this case there might be some wrongful death type action. It may be foreseeable that certain people would harm themselves when faced with this situation. There's really no way for NBC to argue that they don't make the show as sensational as possible, which could be deemed reckless disregard by a court.
  13. It's probably also worth noting that in her suit former producer Marsha Bartel makes some accusations, that if true, do cast doubt on the validity of the information we have about the accused individuals.
  14. ITA.. normal guys don't go and look for minors on the internet and get naked as soon as they get to the house where the kid is waitting... holding duck tape and who knows what else in their hands... I have a kid, and I am glad that someone is doing something againts people like those normal guys out there... if he shoot himself is because he knew he was doing something wrong... and his sister instead of trying to make his brother look like the victim should think about what he would've done if he didnt get caught on national TV.. perhaps he DID something before killing himself.. who knows... but he did us a favor..
  15. I fu#$%ng hate when they said "Oh, I just came here to make sure the kid was safe" and they are all naked !!! Are you f$%^%ng kidding me???? Do you need to get naked to make sure the kid was safe... and what are you holding rope and duck tape?? what do you need that for?? son of %$^$