Nay or Yay

  1. Hi everyone i just posted this in the shoes thread but it looks like no one is in there. So i put it in here. Because i want to know what someone thinks. I just bought a pair of shoes and want to wear them to work tomorrow. But i want to know what everyone thinks my husband wasn't any help (like always).
  2. Where do you live? Can you give some perspective on the kind of place you work? Also, what would you be wearing them with? A short skirt? I assume they go above the knee, yes?
  3. I live in chicago...I work at Nordstrom...And i would be wearing them with leggings. I actually bought them to wear with dress shorts that are tweet(i think thats how you spell it lol) with leggings under them. They do go over the knee but i think you can fold them.
  4. Can someone please help...Your making me feel left out here.
  5. IMO, nay. They seem too tall, longish, imo. Get what you like.
  6. Nay for me, but if you love them, keep them.
  7. Nay
  8. Nay, they seem too long.
  9. Yay for me. Great for fall and with the outfit you described it sounds really cute.
  10. Nordstrom, Chicago, all about style- Go for it!!...
  11. ooooh...i like them with that outfit you're describing! i couldn't pull it off, but if you can yay yay yay! it'd also be cute with one of those sweater tunic things, a belt, and leggings. :yes:
  12. Ok so i did wear them to work today....Everyone loved them i had customers asking were i got them. And my co-workers said they are going to give me money to buy them for them.... They were a hit......And i had all the men looking at me LOL.
  13. Sorry for the late reply~ I actually live in Chicago too and I like the boots~ I think it would be very cute!!! :jammin:
  14. Yay