Nay or Yay

  1. Hi everyone. I went to the mall today to buy a pair of shoes. I found these but want to know what you guys think. Should i keep them?
  2. I guess no one wants to help me out.......:sad:
  3. You posted in the middle of the night for most of us in the US and on a weekend, be patient ;)

    They're cute, do they go over the knee?
  4. Sorry i just wanted to know before i go to work. I would like to wear them today but don't want to look stupid thats all. Yeah they do go over the knee.
  5. I like them! Put them over some dark jeans and i think they'd look great! I normally do not condone over the knee boots lol but since they are flats it works.
  6. hmm for me.. nay, they look a little "stripper-ish" to me! no offence! But if you have the body to pull these off then go ahead.. I would actually love to see a picture of you wearing these so I can get a hint of where they sit and stuff