navy venetia

  1. i am desperately looking for a venetia in navy. i can't believe i missed out on it earlier this year! i saw a picture and immediately became obsessed with it. it's a beautiful color and a perfect shade of blue.

    i called Nordstrom, and i had them check their inventory, but they said they were all sold out. then i called the marc jacobs boutique in soho, and gabrielle said that the company has sold out of the bag as well. when i called bloomingdale's, the sa couldn't do a search for me because i didn't have a sku number.

    other than eBay, which i've already tried, is there any other option for me? i'm willing to call all the major department stores if i have to. i really want this bag. :sad:

    any suggestions you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I can't help you, but I would be curious to know how many bags (of each color) are available each season. I am curious to know how limited these colors really are and how realistic it is to find an older bag in a specific color. I would LOVE to find a Washed Rose Stella or Venetia.
  3. I think MuzMars has been desperately searching for a Navy soft calf collection bag as well, but has reported back that they were sold out.... I saw a navy Venetia eBay auction end recently, its the only one I've ever seen on eBay.
  4. thanks for your help anyway, thithi. i asked the sa to set aside the petrol blake for me, so i can take a look at this saturday. hopefully, i'll like it and forget about the navy. mj really should release more dark blue colored bags.
  5. ^ good idea! I hope it works out. Petrol seems to be a very pretty color.