Navy Selma or Hamilton ?!

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Navy Selma or Hamilton ?

  1. Navy Selma

  2. Navy Hamilton

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  1. I love both ! Can't decide which one to get !

  2. How many Selma's or hamiltons do you have ?
  3. 2 Hamiltons and 4 Selmas. I'm torn because I love the way the Hamilton's look and how the gold lock and key looks with the navy but the n/s is so big and the e/w seems a little small. The selma is love ! But I already have 4 lol

  4. I am exactly the same way! I would say get a selma ! I have only one Hamilton n/s because I feel it's too big on me. But I love it lol
  5. I have the navy Hamilton and it goes with every outfit. Very versatile bag. But ultimately it's up to you.
  6. I made that same decision recently. I went with the selma because I felt like I might always be digging deep down into the hamilton, whereas I wouldn't have to in the selma. I also thought the selma shape is more classic. I love the look of the hamilton, but I thought the heavy hardware might date it one day. (saying that, I got grommets, ha!)
  7. Selma
  8. Another vote for Selma.
  9. I like the Hamilton. There are two different sizes, the Satchel and Tote. The Selma is beautiful, but I personally love the lock and key than comes with the Hamilton. I just bought one myself, but in the end, it's your choice.
  10. since you already have 2 hamilton & 4 selma.. i would suggest that you go for Michael Kors saffiano Dressy Jet Set Travel/Sutton Tote :graucho:
  11. [​IMG]

  12. Thanks for all your input guys ! I still wasn't really sure, but I went and ordered the N/S Selma Navy with studds because I got it for 65% off ! We will see how I really like it once it gets here though! (:
  13. What store is this with all the pretty Suttons?
  14. Definitely not mine. None of the stores around here have this bag, because this is the one I want 👎
  15. If interested black specchiao e/w is on sale at lord and Taylor $174