Navy Rolandos

  1. I bought these patent navy rolandos from Barneys yesterday to keep as an option for my work's Christmas party tomorrow night. In light of all the heel liners peeling I will most likely return them as I cannot justify having two shoes that are equally painful, have problematic liners, and does not fit quite right.

    They look black. In the store you can see navy only depending on how the light hits it. The SA described it as almost eggplant. Honestly, I don't see it.

    This is the fit. I am normally a 37 in CLs, but went with a 37.5. Here you can see there is room in the back of the heel. I envy those of you who have do not have this problem.


    This is the fit of the red. There is room (especially in the right as it must be my smaller foot,) but it cups the heel a bit closer than the navy.

    Not the best lighting, but this is comparing black patent VPS and navy patent Rolandos
  2. Gorgeous.

    I actually prefer the navy patents since I already have quite a few black heels.

    UGH, I have that same problem with the rolando style; they're either too small or too large...and if they're patent, forget about it. Hopefully we'll see some rolandes come out in interesting colors..
  3. oh, yikes...those navy rolandos are total hawtness!

    but if they're not fitting correctly, send 'em back!
  4. BG did have the rolandes in red. I thought I was better off with the rolandes and that's why I bought them in the first place, however these have more drama. As far as the fit, this cut is not very comfy for me, but I will suffer for fashion.

    Unfortunately, this is how the rolandos fit on me.
  5. Gorgeous! Love the navy Rolando. The difference is subtle, but not as harsh as black. Just like black nail polish..I refuse to wear black nail polish, too dark and goth on my hands but OPI Russian Navy is perfect for me.

    I love my wine Rolandos :tup:
  6. I prefer closed heels over sling backs, as well, but the patent rolandos are just not wearable for me. The rim along the toe box tends to dig into my toe knuckes (?). I'm even thinking about returning my leopard pony rolandos because of this problem. As of right now, suedes are all I can do in this style.

    Grr, and my favorite material for this style is patent!

    Anyhow, both colors are gorgeous; glad you're keeping one at least!
  7. p.s. love your a la kamilla "shoes up in the air" photo pose.. hehe :smile:
  8. Kamilla should patent it! :yes: I was trying to get the best lighting, so I turned on one of my floor lamps, went up to my loft and hoped to be lit from below.
  9. Those are lovely. I have the same problem with the red Rolandos I ordered and am anxiously awaiting the smaller size and hoping they work.
  10. Lavender - congrats, they are beautiful, I think the black is nicer than the navy and the navy is very rare. So far I have only seen the navy rolandos at Barneys. But all stores are carrying the black patent.
  11. LOL Someone once asked me if I always take photos on my back. My response was that CLs should only be worn whilst on your back. ;)
  12. CLs look good from any and every direction and they are to be kept on even whilst on your back. ;)

    I may end up keeping both.

    It's that subtleness that is attracting me and it's rarity that's making me consider keeping them. We'll see if common sense kicks in.
  13. congrats LavenderIce the navy is very pretty and unique. I have to say when I first saw the picture I thought it was Kamilla until I checked again. :lol:
  14. Thanks leda. Next time I'll put a disclaimer.
  15. honestly we should have a whole thread with pictures of everyone doing the Kamilla ... how fun is that!