Navy Reissue?

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  1. I think there are two different shades of navy reissues for fall - a dark navy and a lighter, brighter navy. Wondering if anyone has seen them in person and what you thought of the colors. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have seen a dark navy in Jersey fabric and a slightly brighter navy in calf. I have not see a dark navy in calf. There is a dark plum in calf. HTH!
  3. I have seen both and ended up getting the darker one for myself. Will try to post pictures at some point.

    The lighter was nice as well but the color isn't as versatile. The dark navy is very dark and could be a good substitute for black.
  4. Agree with evs. I saw the 12A navy in lambskin and didn't believe it was navy until I put it next to a black bag! The other blue lambskin I saw was distinctly blue, a medium blue but not bright.
  5. Thanks for the info! I have quite a few black bags, so the dark navy calf reissue might be too close in color. I do like dark navy, though!
    The brighter navy calf reissue sounds pretty, as does the dark plum color.
  6. I am wondering if you know which stores ordered the dark plum? It sounds lovely!
  7. NM ordered it in 227. I also know that Saks has it but am not sure if they have 226 or 227, and Hirsch also ordered it in either 226 or 227. HTH! It is a lovely deep, rich plum. If I didn't already have the 12P metallic plum, I would have snapped it up!
  8. Thanks so much for the info! I think I am liking the plum color more than navy, but both are nice colors.
    The 12P metallic plum is lovely!