Navy reissue 2.55

  1. Does anyone want Navy reissue 2.55 in large size? I just got a call in the morning. It will hold until tomorrow. I already got mind so I decided to pass. please let me know
  2. I just PM'ed you. I hope I can get it.
  3. Hi Boongkee,

    I was so excited I just assumed that you wanted us to pm you. I really really want that bag so I hurried to send a message. Let me know I am dying other here!!!!!! LOL.

  4. I just pm you. good luck. They will hold until tomorrow morning.;)
  5. Hi Boongkee,

    Thank you so much for your help. I finally got my dream bag.:heart::heart::heart: I called Michael and the bag is on its way to me.:heart::heart::heart:.

    I never thought that I would get it in this color and size.

    Thank you you have made me the happiest peron in the whole wide world.:queen:
  6. You're welcome. Don't forget to post pix when you received it.
  7. Awesome ending!:yahoo:
  8. I love how tpfers help each other!!
  9. yay!
  10. double yay!!!
  11. tpf'ers helping tpfers. I love it! Looking forward to seeing pics.
  12. I also know of a Navy Reissue in the large still available as of tonight. PM me if you are interested. :smile:
  13. This is so awesome! The generosity of spirit among this group is one of the reasons I love this forum.

    Congrats to the new navy reissue owner! and lots of Chanel karma points to boongkee
  14. I hope a TPFer gets the bag from Imonpurseblog. I love this forum. If not for this forum and Boongkee I know that I would have never snagged this bag. I am so happy and so grateful!!!

    Thanks Again Boongkee!!!!
  15. I'm PM you now. Hope it still available.