Navy Ramona or Riki

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  1. Does anyone know if they make the Ramona or Riki in navy? Not patent leather, just plain soft leather? I don't see it as a color in the new catalogue or I would like to try a Riki (finally) I've been buying Choo bags long before they were so popular, but never a Ramona or Riki...but I think I'm ready now and could use a dark bag.
    Hey, wouldn't it be cool if they just made the belts for these bags and you could switch out say, patent or snake or quilted or plaid or even a different color etc...:idea:
  2. oh my... my dream revisited. Yes, Cosmo.. that is the picture that made me NEED a Navy Ramona. Robynbenz actually found one for me and it is my favorite purse ever.:yahoo:I called JC and asked them if they had any plans to reinstitute the navy color. No comment from them on this. I called outlets in Europe trying to find a Navy Ramona that somebody may have returned. Nope. Many fakes were found on eBay. I had all but given up when Robynbenz actually found one at Bluefly and whisked her away in her shopping cart for me! With that said, there may be another floating around with your name on it. If not, --- how about a burgundy Ramona with watersnake trim? It is also a dark purse and you will love her!:heart:
  3. Wow, gorgeous...looks like JChoo needs to make the bag in Navy again. I'm definatly interested!
  4. i have a navy ramona and it's one of my favorites. currently on rotation with mahala, stam and muse. i still like smelling mine - is that weird? good luck finding one! you won't regret it!
  5. I have a navy ramona that I impulse bought back in april of 2006. I love it! I think I got one of the last ones!
    It is my most expensive bag by far, but I love it!
  6. OK...I'm on the hunt...I don't have a good navy bag. Let's see how long it takes me to get this! I decided I had to have the Kasia in taupe suede and it took about a month to find one...used, but in pristine condition.
  7. jmcadon, my paws are crossed for you. I remember the pain of wanting a Navy Ramona SO bad! I just know if one is out there, ladies from this site will spot one and let you know.:wlae: Robynbenz, you are back on duty!:wlae:
  8. You know....I LOVE your idea about the interchangeable belts. That would be so cool! It would totally change the look of a bag and at a fraction of the cost! :tup:
  9. Good luck in your search for a Navy Ramona! :yahoo:

    I know that after I saw photos of Blondecat's bag I was also in lust....a gorgeous bag!:heart: I wonder why they stopped making it in Navy?

    And if anyone can help you track one down, it's definitely Robyn! She is indeed the Queen of :choochoo:!
  10. good luck, jmcadon! my fingers are crossed! :flowers:
  11. I feel in love with the Ramona when I saw all the pics with celebrities and bought one of the last navy Ramona's in 06, they are very hard to find, I have seen an occasional 'authentic' one on e-bay. I love the color, the gold hardware really shows up on navy. One will turn up somewhere.
  12. The ramona is a great bag.
  13. Thanks Blondecat:heart: (my Favorite Choo Cat)

    You know I am always watching and looking for another "NavyCat" I will buy this one and sell it to the highest (most desperate:roflmfao:) bidder:roflmfao:
  14. the navy ramona though, its so very dark its almost black! i sold one to a customer thinking it was black! called her a couple days later telling her the true color and she loves it either way! good luck on it.