navy, purple, red or white, oh, no, not another reissue q

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  1. i know everyone probably get tired of all those reissue questions. but i really need some opinion here becoz all those color choices, gosh, i hate when i have some many choices to pick.

    so far, i have large navy and small purple(might want a med on this) . and i am offered a med red and waiting for a large white. all above r metallic.

    my mind is saying navy and white coz they r more neutral and easier to match. but my heart is calling purple and red coz they r oh so pretty. esp the red, i feel like i can just treat it as a collection and put on home display :p well, assuming i have unlimited cash inflow, but of course i dont, sob....

    anyone?:girlsigh:oh, one last q, does anyone get a bag becoz it's just sooo hard to find?
  2. Oh...definitely get the red!!!
  3. Hmm, tough decision! :sweatdrop: I saw the white IRL and wasn't so impressed actually (I didn't love the bright gold h/w against the paler whitish gold color), and as far as neutral bags go, Chanel makes a lot of easier to match colors IMHO (beige, dark white, black, brown, etc.). :smile: In fact, I love this seasons dark silver, and consider it to be a neutral that would go with quite a bit! :heart:

    I think the larger purple is a good idea (by which you mean 226?)... because it would afford you more versatility than a smaller purple (225) reissue. How many reissues are you planning to keep (I can't tell from the post)? :smile: I would say the navy for sure (it's stunning!), purple, and if you love the red and will use it, then go for it. Otherwise, replace the bag you'll use the least (it seems like that might be the red) with a more wearable neutral. :tup:
  4. I would also go for the navy and white. I actually like all of the reissue colors :drool: but because they are so expensive it makes more sense to buy something that you will wear more.

    Or if you are going to buy 2 bags buy one of the neutral bags and one of the more colorful bags. Let us know what you decide on!!
  5. I would say, it definitely depends on your wardrobe. Go with the ones you will use most?

    I agree with Minal...I was not impressed with the white reissue at all! Keep us updated!
  6. if you want a neutral, i agree with Minal, a dark silver is very neutral and goes with everything. here is a pic of my new silver next choice would be red because a) it's stunning and b) so infrequent that a red bag is introduced plus the shade is stunning with gold hardware!
  7. Defenately the red first and then the navy, if it were up to me ofcourse....
  8. i saw the white irl and really like it, so is my bf, he likes the white more than the navy haha.

    i definitely wear red least, in fact, never had a red one b4. i always come back to those red metallic threads w/ pics. it makes my heart beat. just cant picture myself w/ it :p conflict, conflict!!!
  9. my suggestion for you is to get the purple because the color is very beautiful and you can wear it with almost everything, which for navy you can do that as well but somehow it doesnt light your wardrobe. and for white, DEFINATELY TAKE IT! i loveeee it =) i can see myself wearing it in the next10 years =) as in for red, just buy it 1st and sell it if somehow you like the next season's red (anyway chanel's red is always easy to sell) =)
  10. wow, this is a toughie! i love all the colors and am seriously considering the white metallic on top of my newly acquired purple and red purchases.

    i would personally get the red for sure if you can get your hands on it. this will be one of the toughest colors to get, and if you love the pre-fall red more later on, you can always sell the metallic red.

    the white is very easy to wear and will definitely be a timeless color.

    navy is easy to wear too, but i will reiterate another tpfer, that the purple is much prettier (more saturated in color!) and very easy to wear for dressing up and dressing down. (i just wore mine this weekend w/blue jeans, boots, black casual top, and a long black coat!)

    good luck w/ur decision!
  11. Consider waiting for the pre-fall colors given you're unsure. Maybe it's the metallic treatment that has you iffy.

    I gotta feel the love at first sight. It's like cupid's bow to the heart!
  12. i would get red and white!
  13. navy or red
  14. I would get the navy. Also, the olive green is TDF.
  15. have you made a decision? i am dying to know what you decided to get! :yes: